A Life Less Known



    Okay, there's really not a lot to say about myself, or the events of the last day or too. I guess you all would want to know my personal history and crap, and all them little details about how I was born, and what my parents do and stuff. Well, to tell you the truth, I have neither the time nor the patience to tell you all that. I know it sounds cliché, but I don't. Besides, my life is boring and stupid, and I don't think it's all that important, anyhow.

    Well, yesterday, I woke up with a shock from a knock on my door. Usually no one comes knocking at my dorm room, mainly because I'm not really a popular person. Well, not popular at all, I think. In fact, I sometimes have thoughts where I see everyone go through great lengths just to avoid me. It's crazy, I know, but I have them. It's weird. So anyways someone was knocking at my door, and kinda an annoyingly too. I hate that. You know, them bastards who always knock making some musical tune against your door. Like their musical geniuses or something. That really gets to me. I hurried out of bed and rushed to the door to open it, mainly because I wanted him to stop with that damn music.

    It was Markus. He's a cheetah that rooms down the hall from me. He stepped back from me when I opened the door. "Dude, you have to come here, there's something you gotta see."

    There's a reason Markus steeped back like the way his did. I'm sort of embarrassed to say, but if you saw me, you'd step back too. I'm a wolf, brown fur, about six feet, bushy tail, and all that wolf stuff. But there's something more about me than that. Doctors call me a 'hyperfur'. Yeah, if you know what I mean. My genitalia is as big as my body. Don't laugh, it's not funny. I mean, it's hard and crap, to drag around your penis, it being five feet normally, when I'm not aroused and all. And getting aroused can be dangerous. I know, cause it happened. When I first came here, I had some girls talk to me. You know, they wanted to be slick and say they banged the guy with the biggest dick and crap. Bitches, like they even cared about me. They only wanted me for my endowments. They said stupid stuff, like 'I love you' or 'I'll never leave you'; and what made it stupider was that I fell for it. The first time, at least.

    I have trained myself so that I don't get aroused easily. An aroused cock is dangerous, especially mine; it reaches up to eleven, twelve feet, double the size of me. And becomes very sensitive. I could easily fill a pool with my release. No kidding. So when that one girl got me alone, I let my guard down. I know, I was naive and stupid. You should've seen her face when she saw the whole thing. It dropped like a falling star. She was more stupefied on how she was gonna take it. And here I was, saying a bunch of romantic crap, while she looked on, just staring. Jesus, I can get so dumb sometimes. Anyway, her idea was to sit on my cock. Not sit on it try and put it in, that was impossible. She just sat on it while it throbbed, lying against the ground. She was naked, and beautiful, from what I remember; and five foot tiger, I believe. Or something like that. She had put her pussy on a particular vein that protruded out from my huge cock, and started to rub herself against it.

    I remember; it felt so good. Veins are particularly sensitive, not as much as the tip though. I humped back, up at her, but forward I was humping into nothing. She did all this other crap to spur me on: she leaned down on top of it, lying on it as she humped; she wrapped her furred legs around it, maintaining quite a tight hold; she also did the same with her tail.

    So here she was, her entire sexy body lying on my hard cock, and she wasn't even half its size. It really didn't matter, it felt good at the time. She was just licking the parts that she could, her rough tongue sliding over many spots, while she held on it tight, as for dear life or something, just humping away at it.

    She came first, she shuttered and juices slipped from his hole down the sides of my cock. She howled and screamed a bit, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea how a woman's orgasm works. Anyways, she was clenching at my member tightly, with her claws, and that's all I needed. I came, and I kid you not; thousands of gallons of my seed came out. It was like built up from years, and when I exploded, I EXPLODED. I just kept coming, releasing more and more. Here's the sad thing. The force of my orgasm knocked her off and she was swept around the room by the current of my seed. It's funny, I know, but she was. We were almost waist-deep in the stuff when I was done. Well, I never saw her again, not even on campus. She wasn't hurt, or anything, she was fine, and the faculty made a bid deal of things, with the cleanup and stuff, and I became really well-known, but not popular. That's why no one won't come and see me, cause of that. And they're afraid. I know they are. And the girl? Never saw her again. And I haven't even caught her name. Bitch.

    So anyway, I was really surprised to se Markus answer the door. I thought it was a teacher telling me to pack it up. He smiled at me and told me there was something I had to see. Yeah right. I hate that. People always want you to see something, and when you see it, you don't give two rats ass about it. What a bastard.  I knew it was a joke or something, this sonofabitch never came to me before about anything. So, I tried to weasel myself out of going.

    "Is it really that important? I'm in the middle of a report, and I'm at the really hard part."

    "Dude, your report can wait ten minutes, can't it?" He stepped over my cock and started tugging at my arm. That bastard. Some people can't take a hint. So I decided to say screw it and go with Markus to wherever. I figured it'll shut him up and he can get his damn joke over with and leave the school laughing and then I can get back to my peace.

    I followed Markus down the hall, carrying my cock with me, in both paws, so it doesn't drag along the ground. You know, that's the only thing I can trust, my penis. I know it sounds crazy, but I can sleep with it at nights, like a partner. I never masturbate, cause it'll take to long and stuff to even get set up. But it's like a friend in need, like if I take care of it, it'll take care of me. I know, I'm a madman, but having an oversized cock will do that to you. I swear.

    I followed him into the elevator, and we started heading down to the ground floor. I thought he was going to jump me or something. I don't know, I had a bunch of crazy thoughts.

    "Markus, what the hell is this about?"

    "You'll see."

    When we exited the elevator, I saw what I couldn't believe. There, standing in front of me, in like a circle of some sort, were a bunch of furs, all of which had some oversized organ! I was really surprised. I thought I was the only person with an oversized cock. Well, not really, considering there were about a million people in the world, I couldn't have been the only one, but until I saw one, I assumed I was.

I turned to Markus. He patted me on my shoulder. "Took me a while, but I found a support group for you, ever since that incident you hardly talk to anyone."

    That sonofabitch bastard! All this time, he was trying to find me a support group. "Markus, why did you do this?"

    "Remember before, we used to talk all the time, and then, after the incident, you hardly said anything. So I felt I needed to do something for you. My good deed of the year." He turned around and left in the elevator. I can't believe he did that! For the first time in a while, I grinned, not a phony grin by movie stars, but one of those grins that contains more emotion and feeling and stuff.

    I turned to look at the group. There were about fifteen or so furs, varied in species: a skunk, there was a lizard, two of them, a rabbit, ferret, and others, I don't want to get into that. I walked by, carrying my cock in one hand, and shaking other furs' paws with my other. Some had big balls, cocks, breasts, hips. I shook this one wolf's paw, and smiled. She had big breasts and from what I could tell, my have had something else big. Her fur was a bit more gray then mind, and she was a bit shorter than me, but he bust size made up for that. We sort of caught each other eye a bit.

    A big, burly fox came over to me and shook my hand. "Hello there, what's your name?"

    I shook it, and smiled up at him, making sure to stay clear of his cock. It was even bigger than me, and I don't think he was aroused. "I'm James."

    He glanced down at me, his eyes flashed behind those glasses of his. "Well James, welcome to the hyperfurs club, I think you're gonna like it here."

    Everyone smiled at me, and I smiled back. I felt good about myself for a change. I had a warm feeling in my body, something that made me feel a bit better about myself.


To be continued.