The Interview



    The sun began to set over the city, although it was still bright enough to see clearly. It turned the sky into an ominous orange and purple monster, that feasted quietly on the city. However, ornate scenery was the last thing on Simon's mind. He carefully packed his bag: recorder, pen, paper, camera (no flash), tissues, a grenade, a flashlight....a grenade?  Well, it would be understandable if the reader knew where Simon was going. His tail quivered nervously as he packed. In a few moments, Simon will be staring into the face of the death.

    Simon was going to interview a giant.



    Suicide. That's probably the first thing that enters one's mind when they hear of such a task. But it was true, and this squirrel was determined to be the first to accomplish it. It may have been possible that this task was attempted before, but so far, no one, fur or human, has came back with it fulfilled...alive. It was a daring venture, perhaps a useless one. Was the average small-sized person privileged enough to interview a giant? It seems highly unlikely, but perhaps Simon had the knack, the luck if you will, to be successful.

    The entire objective was to find out, basically, what made a giant tick. To discover the motive the giant had to do the things he does. Very rarely has a giant did anything beneficial for the smaller part of man/fur kind. On the contrary, the giant seems to only be concerned with his desires: destruction, stomping, eating, crushing, all in his enjoyment. In some cases, the giant is even noted to pleasure himself sexually among the myriad of horror and terror-stricken people. In some instances, this can be the most destructive of the giant's pleasures, as many are caught staring in complete awe as the giant pleasures himself, and either end up underneath the giant's release, or part of the giant's sex toy itself.

    Many may say that the reason is clear: the giant wants to demonstrate it's utter control and immense power. But there has to be more than that. One could just look at the massiveness of the macro and tell of its power. It is possible to say that a giant could have every small person in the world as his slave, and never destroy a thing. The giant alone in his/her sheer vastness and size is enough to put any normal-sized person to his knees. Why? Is it the fear that the giant evokes onto the masses that he or she truly pleasures in? Or are they so dumb, that they can only comprehend their pleasure and desires first and foremost? Many giants just leave after 'finishing' with a city.

    This is what Simon was determined to find out. This shaky determination was a big surprise to everyone; Simon was usually as far away from a giant as possible. (Perhaps he just happened to be in the right place at the right time).Yet, somehow he always managed to get the story: "Giant Destroys City," "Giant Kills Thousands," "Giant Masturbates with Bus Over City Hall." All these articles he wrote, and got thousands of dollars for them. To use the utter suffering and pain of others for his own financial gain was heartless. Yet the guilt never seemed to bother him, until he saw his lifelong friend get stuffed into the cock-hole of a giant male dragon.

    Revenge became predominant in Simon's mind, and the squirrel would stop at nothing to get it. Those damn selfish giant have now done it. In a silently pledge, he swore to destroy them all. Maybe not now, maybe not in his lifetime, but they will all be destroyed eventually. His plan was a unique one; it seemed to all fall into place. The giants apparently liked the news prestige they have been getting. This had put Simon in high esteem with the macros. Thus, Simon made an agreement with the government to go on this interview, to delve into the mind of the giant, to find out not only why is he so destructive, but also how to stop him. However, the latter could not be exposed. Simon had to find that out psychologically. It was the anger that Simon felt that provoked this action; it was stronger than any fear or reserves that the rodent had.

    It was now or never.



    Simon stepped out from his car, and looked over the vast valleys and hills of the canyon. He was a little shaky....driving over 150 miles to where many of the giants live gives you a lot of time to think about things. To quell the incessant thoughts of fear, the squirrel set his mind to radio music, hatred, and revenge. The hatred inside him was stronger than ever! Yet, on the outside, Simon did not have even the hint of anger. It was slowly eating him from the inside, and it was only a matter of seconds before he snapped. But he couldn't; the squirrel had to maintain his composure. To control his mind, he began to think of the creativity in setting up the interview in the first place, a difficult task in itself, let alone performing the actual interview itself.

    It had seemed to Simon that the giants had a certain appeal for him and his newspaper articles, but he could never pinpoint this idea. This thought came after three years of writing of the metropolitan destruction; after Simon finished an article, and the papers were all printed and sent, the giants seemed to then 'grow' from what was written, at least what was in the headline. For example, when Simon article "Giant Crushes Football Stadium" was released, the next week two stadiums were destroyed. The article "Massive Creature Pleasures Herself on Skyscraper" led to a three-giant orgy by the harbor.

    It had seemed highly unlikely, yet that was the only credible connection he had to the giants. And after three years of this occurrence, it was only lead he had. So, in correlation with the government, he set himself to test his theory. His next article contained the usually information about the latest attack, but the headline was on a different note. "Can I Interview A Giant? -Simon."

    Now Simon had written this in the headline with the belief that 1.- the giant could read, and 2.- the giant could only see what was written in the headline. Unfortunately, only the government knew this. The citizens did a result, many began to loathe Simon, believing he was trying to get the sympathy of the giant. Nevertheless, Simon did not care; his only concern was getting the giants' attention. His biggest hope was that they could be smart enough to read, but stupid enough to be easily fooled.

    The following two weeks were completely void of giant activity. The constant anticipation of a response began to die within Simon, until he received word of a 'strange marking' along the side of a mountain. In seeing this for himself, Simon had came upon the answer he was looking for. Etched on the broad side of the mountain, it said:


    He finally got his response.



    And now, here he was. Standing on the edge of the cliff, peering down into the bottomless pit of the canyon, looking for any signs of destruction. He glanced over the ridges and valley of some of the raised cliffs and plateaus of the area, the reddish-brown topography mixing well with the purple-reddish sky of the falling sun. The peaceful scene helped to diminish any latent qualms he had, and in his mind he went over some of the questions that he would ask. They were simple at first, but became more complicated as they went along. They intended to confuse the giant, and then he could....

    A strange noise disrupted Simon's thoughts. Thinking it came from the canyon, Simon stared into the hole for some sign of life. The canyon had to be, at least, 90 to a hundred feet deep. Plus, the dying sun made it difficult to see anything that was, or could be there. Simon reached for his flashlight, and shone a light into the massive pit for some kind of activity.


    And that's what he saw. Nothing. But it was moving. Weird as it may sound, he saw the essence of nothing move, like a massive piece of the air had taken a life of its own. The only way he realized it was when it seemed to have cast shadows on itself, accompanied by the noise of shifting and crumbling. Simon swallowed hard as he witnessed this unnatural phenomenon. Then he felt a presence, a godly presence, looming over him, although he actually saw nothing there. But he knew something was.

    Then in an instant, the nothingness shimmered up a shape. The invisibility, or the like, had faded into a greenish figure. Simon gasped as the entire figure came into view.

    It was remarkable. Standing in the canyon, but easily looming over the cliffs of the entire area, was a HUGE lizard. It was an immense size, at least 200 feet. Its scales were a darkish green, except for some various places, like his underbelly, his paws, and the tip of his muzzle.  He stared up at the head, a massive thing, broad muzzle, no expression, large snout, and two eyes, with purple eyelids, which stared back at him. Simon stood absolutely motionless; likewise did the monster. Then the creature licked his lips and grinned, a long, red tongue sliding along the edge of the muzzle, then revealing two rows of thousands of semi-sharp, perfect white teeth. Simon fear overtook him, and he began to back up. He would have backed up farther, but his car was in the way, and he didn't have the gall to run.

    The giant looked down at Simon, grinning menacingly. "Hello must be Simon." The entire canyon shook at the sound of the thundering voice, and the squirrel could only eep in reply. He shook with an uncontrollable fear, and would probably have wet himself, had he have to use the bathroom. Simon was totally at a loss of words.

    "Come on now," urged the giant, using a lighter tone. "It is getting dark, and cold.  I will not hurt you, if that's what you're thinking. I was chosen to give this interview, and I plan to give it. So let's get on with it."

    Simon immediately began to tape out his supplies of recording and questioning. Two things spurred this sudden promptness: the lighter tone of the giant's voice, which suggested mercy, and the firmness of what the giant said, which suggested impatience. Setting up his equipment, he swallowed hard, and looked back up at the creature.

    "D-D-Do you h-have a n-n-n-n-name?" stammered the squirrel, in a quavering, high-pitched voice. He pressed the play/record button.

    The giant smiled, and using a massive arm, placed it on the edge of the cliff, and leaned against it. The lizard's weight caused the cliff to almost collapse against itself. Simon swallowed hard; he stared at the large green arm with the purple stripes with utter and complete fear. The creature then looked down at Simon, and grinned. "You can call me Doral," he bellowed.

    "Doral? That's it?" Simon asked.

    The lizard, AKA Doral, smirked. "That's all you need to know...."

    Simon eyes grew big at that, and he immediately changed the subject. " like you are there?"

    Doral closed his eyes to think. "Hmm...about fifty, sixty, maybe more. I'm not exactly sure."

    Simon smiled inwardly. Maybe there was a chance to confuse him. He wrote some notes down and continued. "What do you giants do? I mean, what do you giants work on most of the day?"

    Doral smiled. "I think you know. We destroy your cities and villages, we eat and crush your people, and we pleasure ourselves amongst your creations."

    Simon blinked. The nonchalant manner in which Doral spoke was almost amusingly sarcastic, if not blatantly true. "But why must you make us suffer so?"

    Doral shrugged. "Not sure. We enjoy doing it. Perhaps it gives us a full sense of power. Oh maybe we just enjoy what we do. Never really thought about it. Maybe it's just the nature of things."

    Simon swallowed hard. For a stupid giant, he sure talked well, and seemed to know what he was talking about. But he was determined to find a weakness. "But why? Is it really necessary to destroy so much? We could be your slaves, and you wouldn't have to destroy a thing."

    Doral nods. "That is true....many giants do have there own set of slaves. But where's the fun in that? Slaves are just there to do your bidding. But, when you just come into a city, and just force everyone to do what you want....oh, it's so much better. The fate of the city is up to you. So much fun...." He looked down at Simon. "I don't think you understand..."

    Simon breathed heavily. He understood, sort of. He probably understood too well. But, that's not what he wanted to hear. He wanted incoherent English, speech impediments, deep contemplation on easy question. But instead, here was a smart giant, perhaps smarter than most 'small' people on Earth. He tried another approach. "I understand. Tell me...what do you giants do when you NOT destroying cities?"

    Doral smiled. He seemed to really enjoy this interview. "Whatever we want. Usually it's eating wild animals, sleeping, playing with each other."

    Simon sighed. "That's it? Everything you do seems to entail destruction of some sort. Is that all you do? Destroy? Eat and destroy? Pleasure yourselves and destroy?"

    Doral laughed, the whole mountainside echoing his laughter. "I never heard it put quite that way." He looked down at Simon, a more serious expression appearing on his face. "Seriously, though, those are the facts. That's what you’re going to have to accept for now on. You no longer are the dominate species. I sympathize with you, but really, there's nothing you can do." He smiled again. "I guess, like I said, it's just the nature of things. We destroy, not necessarily to enjoy ourselves, although we do, but because it's in our nature. It's how we eat, get exercise, practice our hunting and attacking skill." He glared back down at Simon, a glimmer in his eyes. "Anything else?"

    Simon stared at Doral. "No...that's it..."

    Doral nods. "Okay, then..." He reached up and patted Simon on the head with a massive finger. Simon dared not move. Doral then turned around and walked off. He ducked behind a large ledge and disappeared, the only thing remaining is the creature loud paw steps, echoing softly in the background.



    Simon drove halfway home before he even knew what had happened. The whole thing was like some kind of messed-up dream, unimaginable to the sane. However, when the whole situation became comprehensible, he immediately swerved over to the side of the road.




    Simon freaked out. He blood pumped a mile a minute, his fur stood on end, his tail poofed out behind him in the seat, tears streamed down from his eyes. The extremity of the situation didn't even occur to him, until down; and when it did, it came to him in a giant fury of terror and horror unlike no human, or fur, could possibly ever experience. He just conversed with something one million times his size, and lived through it. He wasn't crushed, eaten, stomped on, squished, or worse, 'played' with, like the myriad of furs and humans that he wrote about in his articles. The interview itself save him from an utter massacre. To think he had the intention of fooling the giant was now a complete joke--these giants obviously were much smarter than any other creature on the planet. Every one of his questions were shot down by an intelligent answer; plus, there was always the fear of asking something that would offend it. And then, the creature patted his head. He patted his head!! The power help back with the soft pat was so immense; and yet, the creature didn't have to waste any of it to crush him, and his car, into the ground.

    Simon wiped his eyes, and took a deep breathe. He began to think about his friend. Closing his eyes, he saw his friend lifted from the ground, struggling uselessly for his life between to fingers of the giant green dragon, and place on top of his throbbing, hard cock. Then, using one claw, he easily just stuffed him down into the hole, forcing him through the pre cum that leaked out, amongst the thousands that the dragon had already captured. All of them, stuck in his paws, being squeezed against his penis, seeing it go up and down its length. He remembered the sounds distinctly: the moaning of the dragon, the wails, screams, cries of a thousand furs and humans, the repeated pounding of a dragon jerking off, getting faster and harder as he lost all concern for everything in pleasure, the splatter of blood and crushed body against the ground and his cock. He remembered the loud roar he gave, as he squirted his dragon seed all over the place, the white, red, and pink substances flying through the air, all the screams disappearing, becoming nothing but a bloody massacre....

    Simon blinked as he woke up. He had lost all track of time. He wiped his eyes again, and started his car, and turned back on the road, and went home. There was nothing he could now.