Diary of a Victim of Destruction



This diary was recovered a few days after the destruction of the city of Thermonus, cause by the rampage of two monsters.


June 6

   I decided to start writing this diary so that in the future I can refer to it, in discussing the ordeal during the Flight. I call it this because it most similarly describes the situation which we are now faced. And if anything shall happen to me, which I doubt will, I shall describe myself. My name is Terrance Maxwell, a young African-American, twenty-one, about six feet, two hundred and thirty pounds. I'm mostly muscle, and quite the athletic kind, to be honest.

    My family and I have, as well as our neighbors have begun packing up our things, small items mostly, because we are being forced out our homes. I use force, for lack of a better word, because there is a danger coming forth. There is a giant monster headed our way. I haven't seen him, but have heard of his description. It has the similarities of a wolf, but can walk on two feet, or paws, I should say, standing upright as any human. Supposedly it has dark gray fur, and towers over the city, at about one hundred and twenty feet. That's all I know about him, but I must make a note to ask others about any more details that they can give me.

    Also for future reference, I shall describe a few more things. First, the history of giant monsters, or animal-people, have plagued us for a while. They are often seen destroying our cities, killing our people as playthings. I have heard and saw the reports, but never seen one myself. Often there are advisory reports to exit your town quickly, via mandatory built underground tunnels, to avoid the monsters. They destroy a few things, kill a few people, and may  'have their way', if you will, with one of the buildings, but generally leave when they are finished.

    That is where we are heading now, to the underground tunnel. As I write, my family is gathering their personal items, and the bus heading to the underground tunnel is coming soon. There, as I have heard, there will be beds, shelters, food, water, and other provisions to sustain us until the monster leaves.

    I often think what it would be like to have these creatures on our side for a change. To benefit mankind, instead of destroy it. Obviously a monster of that caliber has many uses, like carrying overwhelmingly heavy objects, protecting us from invasion, and other things. I cannot list anymore as the bus has arrived! So I bid farewell to this entry.



    I write quickly, because it is late, and I wish not to disturb anyone on the bus. It is quite a long trip, and everything seems to be going along quite nicely. Mostly everyone is asleep, and I feel myself getting tired as well. I can barely see the paper I'm writing on!

    Truthfully, I started writing tonight to state our direction, which is west from the town of Edenstine. Out our window, the pale moonlight shines down on us peacefully, illuminating the trees and shrubs we pass by. It's hard to believe that a monster is nearby; no one seems to be in any real panic; even nature gives us its silent blessings. I feel at peace. This is the first time that we have ever had to evacuate from our town, so I believe that our nervousness is at a low. I'm almost positive that many of us believe this is some sort of joke at our expense. In any rate, I don't argue with the government, especially if our lives are at stake. They are here to protect us the best way they can, despite what many pacifists may say.

    Perhaps my idea is a bit biased. My father was in the army, and I loved him dearly. He had served for years; the exact number escapes my head for I am tired. But he was a very good soldier, quite they lady's man as well. But after he left, he became quite sickly. He soon died of a heart attack a few years later. I had no idea how much I truly cared for that man until he had past away; I still remember that face of his every chance I think of him. So in that respect, I tend to get a bit, we shall say, annoyed, when I hear someone speak ill of our military. They are here to protect us, and even if they fail, then they die with honor.

    But now, I must sleep, for I cannot possibly write anymore.


June 7-Morning

    I'm writing at the first 'checkpoint', so to speak. We have arrived at the city of Cornus early this morning. What a grand place! The buildings tower some hundred feet in the air; massive skyscrapers of assorted colors and architectural design in every direction you look.

    Perhaps my amazement would have been more dazzled, had the city not been evacuated. Like a sort of visual irony, the extraordinary city, which could easily host tens of thousands of people, contained not one single inhabitant. To see something of tremendous size, with no noise, or no people, was extremely weird; almost frightening and eerie, to stand among the large buildings, unoccupied. This wasn't a ghost town; it was a ghost metropolitan.

    I gathered from the officials around us that this is where we'll be entering the underground tunnels. Right now, as I write these words, several uniformed men are running around, busily separating us into groups. There are many of us, mostly people from other towns nearby who also converged here for evacuation. Must make sure to stay close to my family, to avoid the mishap of being separated.

    Apparently, we are being handed little pamphlets to be read while we are allotted into our parties. There are many on several different topics, but this particular article explains fully the entire rush to this area. I think I shall post it in my diary for reference.




For as long as men can remember, giant monsters terrorized our towns and cities. These monsters tower as close to one hundred and ten feet, many of them even larger. Taking the form of what scientists describe as 'anthropomorphic animals' (animals with human characteristics, both physical and mental), these creature can completely wipe out a city off the face of the earth. They knock down our buildings, and crush our cars and houses with ease. Our people are the unfortunate victims of these 'rampages'.


During the earlier times, it was very difficult to track these monsters. Countless numbers of people have been killed by their actions, mercilessly, across our countries. Legends and stories of old tell of our ancestors who coped with these creatures; some tell of giant 'cats' or 'dogs'; many even speculate of 'dragons' and 'horses'. To stay alive, many created emergency 'boats' to escape to sea when attacked. However, this was their only course of true action, and very rarely did it work. Many monsters surprised the villages, by flying or jumping in. Many creatures could even swim, and would chase after them.


The only way our ancestors could get by was ancient folklore of the humans one day overcoming the giants. There are stories of humans being larger than the creatures, like Trevor's Wish, from Akranian folklore. Nuranian legends tell of an ancient city, called Mantines, which would always defend their city from an ignorant, malevolent monster using logic, tricks and wisdom. It was all they had, and gave them hope in such deep and sad times.


Now, we have satellite photos of these creatures. We have surveillance and trackers. We are more technologically advanced in the study of tracking these monsters. We have observed their actions, just like they have observed us. We have come to these conclusions:


1. The creatures destroy our cities mainly cause it seems to be their 'culture'; like other animals, they do this out of force of nature.

2. The creatures communicate with each other, and often create what resembles an attack plan before rampaging certain cities. (This information may lead us to believe that the creatures actually study rampaging, as an art of skill, but this idea is too far-fetched, according to our studies). It hasn't been credited that they speak any language that we can understand.

3. Many attempts have been made to offer peace to these creatures, and all attempts have ended in disaster. The 'Lizard Experiment', as history have dubbed it, tells of how the country of France offered a massive hundred foot tall lizard a large offering edible foods for a peace. It seemed as the creature agreed; however, when led into the capital, it relented and started it's traditional attack of the city. (More details can be ready in any history text).

4. It is quite obvious that these creatures could quite possibly wipe us off the planet. However, they tend to follow the sun as they rampage, starting and stopping at a certain time. (This also may be information that relates to the idea of a 'rampaging schedule', but this too is far-fetched).

5. During a rampage, a creature is prone to do anything it desires. It's main course of action, albeit disgusting, is performing a sexually act on a building or some sort of structure. It often does that when there are occupants within the object of which he starts to fornicate with. However, the creature becomes completely absorbed in this action, and this may be the perfect time to strike.


Now, even as you read this, scientists are currently working on a device or weapon against these creatures. Until then, we are left with our normal course of action, which seems to not only confuse the animals, but keep us safe as well.

When a monster is spotted, or is suspicious of rampaging soon, a warning and an immediate evacuation are placed. The evacuees are sent to the nearest metropolitan city to be separated into groups. Then the groups are sent into the underground tunnels, via hard-to-spot secret entrances. These underground tunnels were started in the 1850s, and are still continued today. They link many of the large cities together, in which the travelers are to walk, along with their officials. Walking have been dubbed the safest way, since it is easier to escape and take cover if an emergency arises.

During the travel, there are several 'checkpoints' (I was right in calling it thus) in which there are shelters so the occupants can eat, sleep, and rest up from the walks. When the monster threat has been cleared, we then regroup, and proceed to return all back to their respected homes. If it has been damaged, you will be transported to a nearby shelter while your house gets rebuilt.


Note: As for the notion for living underground. This wasn't applied because living underground was too dangerous. Had the monsters found out, then we wouldn't be safe over ground or under. It seems more ideal to live over ground and run underground when they come. When they leave, we return to the surface, so they don't trace anything to the tunnels, thus confusing the creatures immensely.


Quite interesting. Unfortunately, even reading this prevented any major time loss, so we still waited to be placed into our parties. Luckily, there was a man who was quite talkative, and has entertained me in his knowledge of these monsters, or lack thereof. Still, it was quite nice to talk to him.

    "Dis her' es a bunch a hogwash," he said. His accent was quite strong, so it was pretty hard to tell exactly what he was saying. "I'll tell ya what, I gots me up ta move o'er her' to dis dere town of Edenstine fo' I could gets 'way from dem monsta's an what nots. Where I comes from, we'd done had lots of dem er....whatyoumacallits...attacks almost 'very gotsdam day!"

    "Really?" I asked, mainly because everyone else thought little of him and his atrocious accent, but I thought he was quite an interesting person to talk to (perhaps I felt he could pass the time away?). "Have you seen any of these creatures, or their destruction?"

    He cackled a hoarse, dry laugh. "Boy, I ain't seen not er one of dem monster ever! In fact, fo' da recood, I'd liked ta say dat I ain't neven seen any de'struk-shun on me house o' me neighborhood!"

    It was strange to think about. In conversing with him, I learned that he had to evacuate at least four to five times a year in his old town of Marlbury, some thousands of miles east of here. In my lifetime, this was my first time. I guess that these creatures attacked his city, perhaps, because they lived or habituated nearby. However, he also said that he never seen nor heard about any actual destruction that occurred. I'm not sure if he was 'too right in the head', but it did make for an interesting thought. I don't really feel scared; I'm more worried and concerned. I have these crazy thoughts in my head now, completely farfetched, but I shall keep them there, lest someone reads this and find me crazy!

    It looks at though the officials are almost finished with the separation process. I shall continue this later!



    Our group is known as Delta-5, and right now we are underneath the city of Cornus, at the checkpoints. It is about 8:30. There are several hundred beds and places to receive food and beverages. I'm pretty tired, but yet feel excited at the same time.

    The crowd this morning had been allotted in thus a manner. We have been separated in five main groups: Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Nova, and Omega. Each group was divided up even more, separated by numbers. Each number group is assigned ten official soldiers and two co-leaders, required to keep the people in check and to guide them. The leaders are fitted with equipment that is connected into the Creature Tracking Agency (CTA), which guides them to the destinations. (The CTA is an organization that tracks these creatures using the highest state-of-the-art equipment.)

    The Alpha group is being sent to another city via buses. The Bravo and Nova group has been sent ahead through the tunnels. The Delta and Omega groups are waiting here till the morning, and when it comes, the Omega group will head out at eight, and then we will start to trek at ten.

    It's quite noisy in here. There's several people talking and laughing, and children running and playing. Some are trying to sleep, and only a handful actually looked kind of scared. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing: safe, relaxed, frustrated, worried, frightened, brave, willing, reluctant, sick, strong, productive. There isn't any way to describe my emotions, expected for 'all of them.' Strangely, I still have my wacky thoughts, but they falter safely in the back of mind. I think I shall try and get a good rest tonight, for tomorrow it will be quite busy.


June 8-Morning

    Strangely, the officials said we would have to be traveling at nine today instead of ten. I guess there has been a sudden change in the actions of the monster. No matter, they say we will be safe, and I trust them. Everyone is given a small pack to hold their stuff: water, food, and our trinkets of personal value. We are about to leave, and I shall continue this when we reach our next checkpoint.



    Oh man! What a walk! I am so tired, I can barely write this! However, I feel that I must, so that I won't forget anything that has happened while I sleep. Here goes.

    The pamphlet, first off, was wrong; excuse me, I shall say it was old; in looking back, I see the copyright date of which was 1980. We are required to walk most distances; however, at certain areas there were escalators to ride, in which to go up or down hills, or across long flat areas. I assume the additions were recent, and along the way there were several emergency stop buttons in case the call for them was needed.

    There were some areas of open space in which several chairs were located. These were not checkpoints, but rather resting areas. We sat here and waited, drinking our carry-on water, eating our snacks, relaxing and talking amongst ourselves, while the officials used their equipment to discuss of their location to the CTA.

    Now for the bad stuff: the tunnels are quite narrow for a crowd our size. The air is stuffy, and although there are vents to circulate it, there aren't enough to get much cool and fresh air down here. The escalators are helpful, but loud and creaky, and not of good quality. There are water fountains along the way, but the fluid is hot and warm, and the fountain itself is dirty, dinky, and small. The walls, ceilings, and floors are cracked and rocky, not too smooth for long distant walking. I imagine how it must have been like when the ancestors had to trek through here, before the vents, and fountains, and escalators, after they first been built. No doubt that disease had spread often, much time wasted, and many, perhaps, died. Was it much safer down here than out there? I know not, nor have enough information to sustain an answer.

    According to our officials, we have reached the checkpoint underneath Rodchester. In accordance to the plan, we wait here until the monster leaves our own town, or we move onward if a monster is sighted coming our way. I hope soon we can return home. There is a smell, and strange dank odor that I happened to just notice, even as I write this. Like all odors, it will become rotten and unbearable, so I wish to return home to avoid that time. But, I must be prepared to venture forth, in case my hopes are dashed. So I sleep tonight.


June 9

    Strangely, this morning we had been awoken early, about six in the morning, and told to walk on until we reach our next checkpoint. This certainly caused several people to get angry, and some became stubborn enough to refuse to move. They were told that they had to, but could not say why because the tracking information was classified to the knowledge of the officials. (I assume this was so that no one would panic if the truth were told). However, the obstinate refused to budge. At which point they were forced to move by physical contact.

    It is about 9:30 at a resting station now as I write this, we have been walking all since then. We are quite far from the Cornus, although I'm not so sure exactly how far. (My sense of distance is limited due to the seclusion of the tunnels). I am becoming a bit more worried now, not so much that the monster may find us, but mainly that the people may revolt against those who try their hardest to protect us. They are starting to complain more so then they did at the beginning. I wish everyone would just trust them, they cannot steer us wrong; if they do, then it is no fault of theirs; it perhaps is more a fault of ours, or the creature that we are attempting to escape from.

    The 'far-fetched' notion of which I wrote earlier seems to be developing into ideas and whole concepts, but still I manage to suppress it. If, somehow, it is actually what is happening, then I pray to God that we still make it through. I hope that my thoughts are complete distractions, and no more. Still, I keep silent.


June 11

    Oh dear God! Have mercy on me, that I return safely to the condolences of those who I miss dearly, and in so short of time! This journal is my only safe haven to which I appeal, in order to keep my thoughts straight and my sanity intact.

    We had been walking endlessly for the past two days. The complaining had increased significantly, and several people had been forced, with violent pushing from the soldiers, to continue on. It was quite a scary thought: I knew that the soldiers technically couldn't use their weapons to harm us unless we attacked them, and if the idea of refusal had spread to everyone's minds, not even those ten guards could get us to move. We still kept our movements up, sleeping only for about two hours, and resting less and less at the appointed stops.

    I tried to keep my spirits up, but to no avail. My heart pumped at a constant quickened pace, worried about anything that may trigger some sort of chaos. That trigger was unexpected. While in one of the tunnels, I had dropped my diary, and stooped down to pick it up. Our family was quite on the end of the line, so when I stopped, the only ones behind me were the two soldiers posted there. Suddenly there was a loud sound, like a bang, or a stomp, but amplified greatly, followed by a constant rumbling. The force knocked me to the ground, and when I looked up, I saw the entire area shake around me!     My first impulse required me to get up and run, and as I did, the two soldiers pushed me from behind, forcing my pace to quicken, yelling at me to move and hurry. They were hardly audible under the loud drone of rumbling. I thought that we were in an earthquake, and quite a powerful one, because soon the construction above our head began to cave in!

    At this point, we were just entering over the threshold to the next resting area. Soldiers screamed out, and forced all the people ahead of me into the area. I ran as fast as I could, the soldiers behind me urging me on. Oh, but fate had turned the other cheek, and the threshold was the part which caved in most violently! I had tried to dive in underneath toward the entrance, but to no avail! I felt the rocks start to crumble and drop on me! I would have certainly been killed, had not both the soldiers dived on me as the bulk of the debris came crumbling down.

    Soon, everything stopped. There was a tremendous silence, and a split-second thought rushed through my head that I was dead. However, I felt pain rush through my veins, and a great pressure constraining my body. I was underneath the pile of debris, which caved in! I struggled out, using all the ounce of strength and fortitude I had, and managed to escape. Unfortunately, the only way out was backward, to the wrong side of the cave-in.

    I searched for a way around, but found none. I then looked for those brave soldiers who saved my life, to which I realized they have sacrificed theirs. Underneath the pile I saw their legs, motionless, except for one which reacted with sickening convulsions, before finally stopping.

    In all my years, I have never seen death before. Yes, I have seen a dead body, but never the act of death, the actually dying, the transformation from life to death in that one second of its requirement. The fears that I had managed to suppress in me were, and are now, full-blown to their limits. I thank God for those soldiers and their heroic action, but I can not help but feel guilty for the proportion of their two lives to my single one.

.... There is a voice! I hear it....they know I'm missing, and they are sending some soldiers to get me. God bless them! They have to go to the outside and enter around to get me, so here I wait patient, my nerves calming down a bit. My life to them is of an intense value; I cannot believe it.


Midnight, between June 11 and 12

    I stand alone now, the single member of a one man force. I am now in complete fear, and I can no longer quell the incessant thoughts that bubble within me. Thank god for you, diary, my friend, that I can turn to you, for you are the only thing that can surprises my insanity.

    I had waited for a very long time for my saviors to come and retrieve me. I longed dearly to return to the pack. Every second I waited behind the pile that stood in my way, I become more and more frightened. I waited for the footsteps of a familiar face, but heard nothing but silence, and the echoing of this silence. The group to which I was a part had moved ahead, and I knew that something was serious wrong. They could not wait for me because-- I dear say-- the creatures, the monsters of no remorse, are close by. This fueled my idea to a more credible stance, but still I refused it, to express the very single idea that seems to becoming more and more true.

    I became tired of waiting. I went back down the tunnel to the nearest emergency exit. This was a smaller, more narrow tunnel, completely dark. I had to grope around to move forward, for I could not see a single thing. I had panicked when I reached what seemed like a wall, and thought that it was unfinished. However, a bit more searching revealed to me a ladder, to which I started climbing. Reaching the top, I peeked out the grating to the outside. I felt the air brush across my face, so fresh and clear. I saw the setting sun sky, a purplish orange hue, glorious to my eyes as the single sign of freedom. Using all my strength, I pushed the grating up and aside, and hosted myself out into the clear.

    I was immediately hit my several emotions. The primary one was freedom. The wind blew against my face and body, and I stretched out my arms, feeling so good to be released from my traveling prison. However, as I looked around, dread started to overcome my nerves, as I realized that there was absolutely no sign of life.

    When I had first arrived, there was no life, but at least I had the crowd around me to counteract the feeling of loneliness. Now, there was nothing: no people, no noise, no pets or animals, or no birds singing overhead no congested traffic or pedestrians. I did not even notice any bugs on the ground. I have never felt such a feeling in my life. No single word can describe it: loneliness, fear, hunger, powerlessness, ignorance, pain, uselessness--all wrapped together.

    I would most likely have hopped back down into the safe seclusion of the tunnel, had not something caught my eye. It was like a centered piece of flattened land, like a little bomb had exploded and caused destruction in an enclosed place. Running over to this, I stood on the edge of a cliff: the ground somewhat shifted downward some several feet (it was hard to tell, for night began to fall).  I looked around, and it occurred to me that it was like a shaped mini-valley of some sort, a strangely made depression. Where I stood was what appeared to be the back, wide and round. It bent in on one side a little bit, on the left side; the other side was relatively straight. Close to the other side, it separated into three different directions: the left on to the left, the middle on straight, and the right on to the right. However, each one ended abruptly, and returned to the slope which reached the ground level. My mind raced to figure out what type of creation this was; however, when I looked to my left, I saw a similar looking depression, however, this one had a slight inward bend on the right side. (They resembled each other, like mirror images).

    I could not fathom why such a hole (or holes) was in the ground. It became much, much darker, and I realized that I should find a place to sleep and something to eat. Leaving the depressions as they were, I ran toward the nearest building I could see. Lady luck had smiled upon me, for it was a hotel/restaurant. I entered (the door was unlocked, perhaps the owners were rushed out in a hurry) and ran toward the kitchen. I prepared a makeshift meal, mostly canned vegetables and cereal, and then I entered the hotel lobby, propped myself on the couch, lit a candle, and started writing what I am now.

    Before I sleep (if I can manage), I believe I shall tell what my crazy idea is. I am reluctant, but things are becoming more and more harder to understand, and this is the only way I can explain it.

    We humans have learned to adapt to these creatures, and learned ways to avoid them. We have evolved to survive, and survive we have. However, on what grounds can we say that we alone have changed? Could not the creature have become wiser themselves? Perhaps as we grew in our technological advances, they too, became smarter in their years. Perhaps they study us as much as we study them. The pamphlet had suggested that they rampage at set times and view this as their own study, could it not be true? My true fear is that they are learning slowly about our tunnels, and that they are starting to track us, and follow us. They do not attack us underground, because they obviously cannot fit. However, we cannot live underground, our food and homes and the like are up in the open. So the track us through the grounds, and when we emerge, then they strike.

    ...Something has just occurred to me. The strange structure in the ground seemed to be exactly where the cave-in took place. Dear Lord! Those depressions may be the footprints of those creatures! They could be nearby! In fact--my mind races with incomplete, but credible, thoughts--could it be that the cave in was caused to force us out, and then they could strike? Perhaps those soldiers that...I can barely write, for I am getting choked up--that were sent to save me ended up as the creatures' next victims? Oh god! They may be smarter then we have ever imagined!


Late, around nine, June 12

    I have seen them.

    I have seen these creatures; I know who they are, what their plan is, what they are going to do. Right now, mere human words can't even come close to the indescribable fear which courses through my veins, or detail the physical state I am in.  I cannot begin to express the whole idea in my viewpoint, as I must concentrate my thoughts on my course of action. I shall recount the events, one by one, and generalize an idea.

    I was awoken the morning of the twelfth of June to a soft tremor sound. I wasn't scared this morning; yes, I was paranoid, and extremely cautious, but I no longer did I have the fear of the previous night. The comfortable sleep and the intense silence (absolutely no noise) must have given me a great peace. The terrible thoughts I had last night seemed only a dream, and so far away.

    I did not exactly feel that tremor; I merely heard it from a distance, and assumed it was another cave-in. (Perhaps not caused by a monster stomp...?) I stretched a bit and sat up. Suddenly, I heard it again, a bit louder, but in this one I felt a bit of it as well. I froze. Slowly, I crept toward the window. I felt another one, as if the tremors were moving closer, more louder, the repetitive 'boom.... Boom.... BOOM....' kept ringing in my ears. I then looked out the window.

    If fear had taken a physical shape, then this is what it looked like. It was a giant wolf! The mere vastness of the creature was amazing! I can not express what true feeling I had in seeing this creature! It towered easily over the height of some of these buildings, moving with the grace and fluency of a canine, yet the balance and composure of a human. It moved so freely! Walking so carelessly on the ground, the incessant tremors produced from his steps increased in noise and feeling. It was nothing like the Godzilla flicks, a large, slow-moving creature; not even like the Godzilla of today! It was more alive, as if it had more intentions then just stomping around and destroying the buildings.

    The wolf was covered in tan, light brown fur. His ears were the highest points on the creature, standing erect over his head. His two dark eyes, brown, deep, intense, angered, surveyed the city; his face, fur covered, but features visible, was stoic in expression; his muzzle, long, a point to his nose, curved inward perfectly. His wide jaw, fitted against his muzzle, attached to his large neck, thick, muscular, turning his head so easily as he looked around. His shoulders, wide and thick, exposed two burly arms, and two strong handpaws, four digits, each with a small, relatively, claw. His chest was bulging with muscles, his powerful pecs coming inward toward his well-toned abs. His hips, wide, affirmed themselves with two massive buttocks (for the creature was naked) and his...shaft was exposed too. His tail, long and frilled, shook back and forth slowly, sometimes slapping into the side of a building with a powerful WHACK, sending that piece of the building flying. His legs, also well muscled, thick, contours visible in every manner as they easily bent to step. They had the shape of a canine, bending in at the knee, coming back out to the ankle, but back down toward the ground, stepping on only his toes. (Digitigrade, I believe is the term). Every definable muscle on the creature was supported on his footpaws; three-toed, each digit as big as a car, at least, bending easily on each step, leaving behind in his steps a massive 'paw print', although its shape was different then the one I saw last night. Each toe, plump and thick, had on it a large claw, sharp and thick, but maintained. Truly, in the insincere irony of the whole situation, the monster knew how to take care of himself.

    The monstrous creature stepped closely to the hotel I was in. I thought for sure he was going to demolish it just as he did the others, but instead, he walked over to the deep pawprint depressions in the ground. He stooped down, in a duck-walk position, and just sat there, examining. I would have thought of a way to escape quietly, but I was in too much of a stupor to move.

    Suddenly, it seemed to get dark rather fast. I looked up to see what had happened...and, like and angel from heaven, a great large figure flew over head, as graceful as a giant bird of beauty. I watched it swoop around the area a few times, then it landed...right down by the hotel! It fluttered down so softly, one would think it weighed nothing in comparison to its height.

    This creature was as large as the wolf...but not even mammal. No, he...or rather, she was a dragon, I believe. It had the shape and composure of those dragons you read about in folklore and the like. I assumed it was a she, cause it had a more slender look, more feminine features in the face, as far as I can tell. The eyes were a bit smaller, her muzzle, more skinnier, but still wide, and a bit more pointed. She also had ears that stood up on her head, but above those towered two long, pearly white horns. Her neck, slender, went down to her chest. What a chest! It was thick with her apparent breasts (these monster don't seem to have any need for clothing), two giant orbs, plump and bouncy, complete with soft and pointy nipples. Her shoulders and arms were well toned and delicate, and on her back sprout two enormous wings, which spread as wide as a giant cloud, blocking the sun completely from my view. Her body curved inward nicely to her hips, then out again to show her tender and smooth rump.  Her legs where also toned well, between which was the obvious visual of her glistening vagina; and she stood on her talon-claws, digitigrade as well, which, I assume, would make her anthro. Her whole body was covered in soft, sky blue scales, except for her underbelly, with was bright yellow scales. These stretched underneath her to the underside of the tip of her tail, which was long and slender, almost sinuous, like a snake. For a monster, she was quite amazing!

    I cannot reiterate the complete utter amazement I was in. I had never seen such monsters in my life; I was stuck with fairy tails, folklore, tall tales, historical documents, and other vicarious sources. And now, in the course of a day, in front of my very eyes, stood two huge monsters, clear as day! This, however, was not the important apex of my experience; no, what surprised me the most was the fact these creatures were not doing what they were judged to always do: destroy mercilessly. These two just stood around, looking, surveying the area, silent, quiet. It seemed like forever before they actually did anything (it was actually five minutes). And--to add to the complete horror of the situation--they spoke! In English! Clear and perfect, as if they spoke the language all their lives! And what they talked about gave me the biggest thrill of all: not only did they talk as casually as two well-known friends from down the road, they also spoke of things which--dear Lord! --gave credibility to my innate suspicions after all!! The conversation between them went something like this:

    "They didn't come out. Perhaps you killed them with the stomp," the wolf said. He stood up and looked back at the dragoness.

    "Couldn't be. I stomped exactly where I was told, with very little force. They haven't come out?"

    The wolf shook his head. "Not any that I can see, except for those two soldiers." Then the wolf proceeded to lick his lips. He did it in such a manner I shuddered, thinking of the hideous fate of those men.

    "The humans must be moving faster then we thought. We'll report it to the leaders, then."

    "These humans think themselves smart. It almost amazes me that they had the ingenuity to create such tunnels."

    "I still don't see why we can't just kill them all." The dragoness smiled a toothy grin, her rows of sharp teeth glistening against the sunlight.

    The wolf made a deep, yet lighthearted sound, similar to an inward chuckle. "You're new, so I must explain. We rampage just enough to keep the human population intact, so that our generation of children can also rampage."

    The dragoness nodded, then a long silence ensued. She then shifted herself, causing a slight rumbling in the area. "Mrph...I'm horny."

    I couldn't believe what she said. She made the statement as casually as it if it was nothing. I stepped away from the window a bit, and started for the back. I thought that I could escape, and perhaps sneak down back to the underground haven. I moved slowly; I had no idea if the monsters had a keen sense of smell, or hearing.

    This, dear journey, is where I must pause a moment, for the events that take place afterward were so overwhelming, I still see it as some dream or nightmare I had, which shakes and rattles my bones. I--I can't write what happen, the horror it entails is returning to the depths of my soul! I cannot think of the situation without tears coming to my eyes! I...must, though, and I shall write more slowly to explain it all.

    In heading for the back door, I heard and felt a series of thumps, which meant the creatures were moving. I peeked out the door to see where, but in my way a giant thick claw! The talons of the dragoness stood in my way! Turning around, and in checking around through the windows, I saw the other claw on the opposite side, which made me believe that the dragoness was standing over the building. I had lost sight of the wolf.

    I heard a loud moaning, feminine in nature, so I thought at first that the dragoness was in pain. I wanted to get a more overall view, so I started to run up the stairs. I reached about the fifth floor, and looked out the window. Two sides were blocked by dragoness thighs (the building was quite large, about sixty feet?); the other sides were free. Through them, I saw the outside, a glorious vision to me...beyond these walls, I believed, was the freedom I so deserved to have.

    The moaning became more louder, more intense. I had no clue what was happening. Then there was a loud creaking. The walls were pressing in on themselves! Like a large weight had been placed on the building, and it couldn't support it. I panicked. More moaning hit my ears; I thought she was failing on the building. Then the odor came. A thick, nasty odor, like animal musk came through. God, how it smelled! It was so strong! The moaning and groaning of the creature wouldn't stop. One side of the building became blocked by which, I assumed, was her tail. Then, in a deep rush, the window was blocked by darkness.

    The moaning became deep gasps and screams, deafening my ears. The thick odor became even more powerful, killing my nose. The building was about to fall apart; large fissures broke right across the plaster. The darkness blinded me...then it disappeared. Then returned! Then disappeared! I had not the slightest idea what was going on! And when I could see, the windows were covered with a thick liquid, clear, but not water, as if the darkness left it's mark when it left. This process of illumination and darkness, accompanied by the musky odor, the thick fluid, the intense moaning, and the pressure relapse of the building, completely baffled me. Then it hit me.

    I sprinted down back to the ground floor. The streams of fluid had trickled down to this point, but the darkness did not. I opened a window, and slipped out through the only side that wasn't blocked. I ran as fast as I could. Behind me, as I realized, the dragoness was having sex to that building! It was incredible! Her eyes were closed, she moaned deeply and loudly as she... slid the top of the building into her mounds, rather deep inside her, over and over again! By the time I had escaped, she was humping against it at a frenzied pace, her tongue dangling out her mouth, forepaws gripping the ground as she moved her hips up and down, faster, harder, deeper, the hotel now used as a sex toy! Then I heard a loud scream, inhuman, uncanny, as she slammed down hard on the building, causing an earthquake so powerful I tripped and fell hard. The deafening sounds were even exemplified when I heard the collapse of the building underneath her. Her orgasm rushed through her hard, and she took it out on the whole area!

    I turned around to stare, and couldn't keep my eyes off her while I lay on the ground. Her breasts were hard, lactating a bit; her countenance was filled with bliss and ecstasy; her body was tensed up and sweaty. Her moaning began to cease as she slowly opened her eyes, the building underneath her reduced to shambles. She moved her paw down to her loins, and started to rub there, flowing juices dripping down her claws, smiling to herself. "What a good waste of architecture," she said.

    At this point I managed to regain the little bit of self-control I needed. I turned and ran, hoping that she was too concentrated to notice me. She was; but then again, it wasn't her that noticed me. It was the wolf!

    "Human!!" It was all I heard; then I knew it was after me. It was so hard to run! His steps caused such powerful tremors in the ground it made it difficult to place my steps! I glanced back once; I knew the wolf had been obviously aroused by the dragoness' actions.  I then returned to the matter at hand, running as fast as I could, praying to God that he wouldn't catch me.

    Turning a corner, I saw what appeared to be a subway station entrance. I dashed towards it! The shadow of the creature covered the whole area! It was so close to me! I ran; everything was a blur, the only thing now was me and the station. In a powerful leap I jumped down into the station, underground, leaping down the steps, over them, hitting the bottom with a powerful BAM! God!! The pain!! It was unbearable! I couldn't move! I thought I had broken something, but I managed to stay intact. Still, I couldn't move, and tried to get up. The fall dazed me, and I, at the moment, was motionless.

    I heard a large growl, then some shorter ones. I turned to look back, and looked up out the station to the air. The sky was blocked by some giant pink thing, which glistened in the light. I knew exactly what that was.

    The pink object jammed itself into the tunnel I hopped up, pain or no pain, to run! The object-- the wolf's penis!--came at me! It hit the spot I was laying in with a splat! I had escaped death, but not the cock entirely--I felt the tip slam into my back with such a force that I went flying clear across the subway hall! Again I hit the ground hard, which put me in another daze. I could hear the deeper moaning and groaning of the wolf; I knew he was using the subway tunnel as his sex toy; I saw the subway shaking at the thrusts of his hips. He was 'going at it' with reckless unmercy. I needed to run, but couldn't; I was so much in a stupor, my perception was totally off! I managed to stand up, but then I heard another loud roar. Turning around, I was stupefied; I saw the cock pumping up and down, across the steps, no doubt adding to his pleasure. But then from his penis--from the little hole, which was, compared to my size, huge--a thick powerful liquid shot out and walloped me! Again, for the third time, I went flying; this time a much farther distance, propelled by the musky seed so powerfully projected by the wolf's orgasm. I flew smack into a wall, and then blacked out.

    I awoke dripping wet, clothes and body covered in the dried up mess of wolf spunk. There was no movement or noise overhead, so I guess the creatures left. In the midst of the dark damp subway, pain coursing through my body, I sat and thought, long and hard.

    My immediate thought was to thank God! I was alive! I had survived two deadly encounters with these creatures! These creatures, which simply pleasured themselves, caused so much destruction and dangers to my life! It was a miracle that I came out alive!

    Secondly, I thought about the creatures. Their conversation, as I mentioned before, was evidence that these creatures are studying us and our movements. If I can get in touch with the humans, I have to tell them!

    Thirdly, these creatures are obsessed with sex! It is apparent; they have no modesty or decency; whenever in the mood, they will fornicate with something, no matter what! The brochure was right, that would be a perfect time to strike! But.... with what? There is nothing our arsenal has that these creatures will be killed by, or won't avoid.

    I write in the midst of wolf spunk, dripping messily on my diary. Alone, scared tired. I long to return home, to the days of old when I could just study, and learn, and hang out with family and friends, with no worries. This whole thing is like a nightmare come true. I'm going to close now; I have to concentrate on what to do. I may not write for a while, till I am safe, or feel it necessary to do so.


June 13, evening.

    Dear journal, this may be the last diary entry I write. It was the irony of it all that puts not only me, but our whole group in a danger. Right now, I am with my group, huddled together, silent, motionless, underneath the city of Thermonus. I do not know what will happen. I am truly scared now; above us, the monsters are waiting for us, to destroy us. I write slowly, in a manner in which induces calmness in my blood. If this may be the last, let not the one who discovers it be baffled on what has happened.

    After the incident in the subway, I had looked out the entrance very carefully; I looked in every direction, a saw not a creature in sight. At first, I was confused. They could have caused the subway to cave in on itself, thus killing me in seconds. I assumed that they had more important things to do, so thus left me.

    I slowly trekked out the station. I was hurt; I was dirty; I smelled terribly. I stepped slowly, the wolf's seed hardened my clothes, making it difficult to walk. I needed to remove my clothes, but didn't, lest I leave a trail for these creatures. I needed to clean up, but refused that notion because it was too dangerous to find a place to cleanse myself above ground. I padded around the city--what was left of the city--trying to find a way to escape.

    I eventually caught a building, somewhat intact, which looked similar to the building we entered in Cornus to reach the underground tunnels. My suspicions were correct in discovering the entrance I sought. I quickly ran inside.

    God! The seclusion of the tunnel prevented the fumes from my body to spread; I practically stunk up the entire tunnel system! I stopped at a water fountain, and washed my face and drank a bit to refresh myself. I looked, and saw the cave in, the beginnings of all my troubles. The pile of rocks, stood they, almost beckoning to me, laughing at my misfortune, surprised at my survival. I cursed at it; swore at it. I ran over a kicked it, and hit it. God, I was so angry! I couldn't release any of my innate feelings except through this diary; but now here was something else. I spat on it, and hurled myself at it, tears streaming from my eyes. I collapse in fatigue, weeping loudly. I couldn't help it; I broke down like a child. Never in my life has fear overtaken me in such a manner. Taking a deep breath, and regaining my thoughts, I started walking.

    I felt nothing at this point; my senses have become dull and useless. I did not smell the odor of myself; I did not see the miles of tunnel I trekked through; I did not feel the steps I treaded. I was solid; broken down, unfeeling, uncaring, unnerving. I walked for miles, for hours, not drinking, not eating, not resting. I walked by resting areas and checkpoints without stopping. The only force that would stop me now is my own body refusing to move any further. Otherwise, I was unflinching in my steps.

    I was lucky; I reached the checkpoint under Thermonus, where my body had physically broke down. I collapsed again, lying on the floor, breathing heavily, but not getting enough air in. I knew that I would die here, nothing could save me. Suddenly, I heard voices. They were coming closer. Was it death, his voice echoing in the seclusion of these tunnels? No! It was my group, Delta-5! I recognized them! When they say me, the soldiers rushed to my aid! The lifted me up, kept everyone back, giving me air, water, bits of food. I heard amongst the gasps and surprised tones that no one expected me to be alive! My family ran through the mass; I felt the hugs and kisses against my face. I was again home, to where I longed to be so long. I was again at a peace, which have eluded my soul for so long!

    The crowd stayed here at Thermonous for a while. As I gained my strength back, I was discussing with my family and a few soldiers. Apparently they had been blocked off again by another cave-in. It killed many people, and some were forced to escape to the outside, which they were never heard from again. The rest had turned back in this direction, back over here, and now awaiting instructions on our next course of action. I smiled a bit, in contentment, but then I realized what I have been through. I explained it to them as best I could, looks of horror and fear appearing on their faces. In explaining it all, I mentioned the objectives of these creatures, and what the cave-ins were, and who they were studying us as much as we were studying them. The soldiers turned pale, then ran over with a deep earnest telling them of the news to the leaders.

    Before the leaders did anything, there was a powerful thump! It shook everything, and the lights went out. The entrances out the checkpoint have caved-in... we were stuck! Everyone started screaming and huddling together. We all became quiet, and are now waiting...waiting for something, I do not know. It was silent for a while, and the only way I can stay calm is this diary, right here, as I write now, I feel the incessant fear leaving me; I feel more calm to my nerves. This may be it; we'll suffocate and die here, for there is no other way out.

    Wait! The leaders are communicating through their equipment right now! They got a signal...they're calling for help, and...and they're telling the CTA about my observations! Now the humans will now what we are truly up against. Maybe there is hope...







God! The ceiling! All around us is caving in!


The screams are terrible! The wailing! The crying! The pain!



I am going to die. This is it. After all this

 A price for the information about the creatures

is our lives. A great sacrifice for the future of our race.


I feel a calm, a calm I have never felt in my life No fear, no horror, no pain


I love you, everyone, family, friends, people. I am---



The diary discovered ended thusly. A striking account on what had truly occurred to the members of Delta-5. Currently, new measures are being devised to protect us from the monsters and their study of the human race.