All Quiet on the Beach Front



    The two reptiles stared at the wolf with semi-solemn expressions on their faces.

    "Gee sure look...different..." the large black dragon commented.

    " a brown turd." cracked the green lizard. He started to cackle wildly.

    Rexx growled angrily at the lizard. "You are VERY lucky that I'm in my good mood today, Doral. Why the hell was I chosen for this anyway?"

    Doral smiled and walked over to Rexx and patted him on the head. "Because the enemy can already see us, and you're the only one that can have his fur easily changed."

    Rexx frowned, scritching and slightly tugging at his new brownish fur. "I miss my gray. Hey...How come we don't just paint your scales?"

    Before Doral could answer, the black dragon spoke up. "Because it's illegal." He snickered after his comment.

    Doral snickered as well. "Yeah Silverclaw." He poked Rexx on the nose. "Don't you go messin' with the law." He gave Rexx a wink.

    Rexx snapped at the finger, which Doral managed to pull away just in time. The newly colored wolf sat down on the edge of the table, and started to put on a Hawaiian shirt. "Okay... someone debrief me on what I got to do again."

    Doral chuckled. "All right. Listen up. You're gonna head over to the beach, and ask around for the where about Delvin Hammerson."

    Rexx finished putting on his shirt, and pulled out a small case. "Delvin's that panther dude, right?"

    Doral nodded. "Right. Alot of his henchmen are scattered all over this damn beach, so ask around. But be careful. They might get suspicious if you ask too many questions. I'll be on the Boardwalk, and this radio will keep us in touch." He handed Rexx a small black device. "Don't worry, I'll keep ya informed and provide you with backup."

    Rexx took the small device, and slipped it into one of his pointy ears. "Not sure how a weak little lizard like you plans to provide backup." He poked the radio softly, making sure the thing was working.

    The lizard laughed. "Oh sure, I'm quite sure you won't need my help, since you're so good at protecting yourself from thousands of armed furs." He adjusted the radio in his own ear. "I'm reading ya, Rexx." He turned over to SilverClaw. "You finished with that thing yet?"

    SilverClaw was frantically working in the corner of the room. "Yeah....almost..." The dragon wagged his tail, not shifting his eyes, keeping himself occupied.

    Doral turned back to Rexx. "Like I said, I'll be on the boardwalk, and SC over there will be up here, getting an aerial view of the entire beach. If he sees anything, you'll be in the know." At this moment, SC stood up, and walked over with a large board in his hand. He leaned it against the table next to Rexx.

    "Finished!" SC smiled broadly, showing off his work. It was a large surfboard, almost authentic in its appearance.

    "Wow, nice work SC!" Rexx grabbed the surfboard and placed it in his lap. He rubbed his paws against the surface. It was covered in small scratches and marks, little yet noticeable details, showing off the intricacies of the white board with the blue stripe down the center. Rexx placed the board beside him, and finally got back to his case. He opened it up, and took out a small pair of sunglasses. He gently placed them on his face. "How do I look?"

    Silverclaw smiled. "You look like you own the place."

    Doral grinned. "You look like a regular Jack Nicholson....if he was a brown furred wolf."

    Rexx laughed, and hopped off the table, board in paw, shades on his muzzle, yellow shorts on bottom, and red Hawaiian shirt on back. He gave SC and Doral a sign; making the letter 'Y' by protruding his thumb and pinky while making a fist. "This will be the abort sign, okay?"

    Doral nodded. "OH! One more growing!"

    Rexx gasped! "W-w-why not?"

    "Because it'll blow our cover, that's why!" Doral snapped. "I'm sure a genius like you could find a way out of a jam without mindlessly stomping and crushing."

    Rexx stuck his tongue out at the lizard. "Well, it would certainly be easier."

    "One more additional thing..." SC walked over to his spot by the window, which provided a great view of the beachside. "Try not to get on your bad side, eh?"

    Rexx shrugged. "Hey, whatever happens, happens. Que sera, sera." He walked out the beach house toward the beach.

    SC and Doral watched Rexx pad out to his assignment. They looked at each other. "How long do you think it'll be before he goes?" Doral asked.

    "Three hours." SC replied.

    "Ha, he'll get mad in two." Doral gave SC a quick lick on the cheek as he padded out to his holding spot on the boardwalk.



    It was sweltering hot on this particular day. The sun shone brightly out over the entire beach without a single cloud in the sky. The cool ocean water crashed onto the beach softly, the liquid shimmering underneath the bright sunlight. The sand was a beige/white shade, mixed in with the various rocks, shells, and sea plants brought up onto the shore. And covering the beach were people....furs, to be exact, as far as the eye could see. There was quite a variety, as well: canines, felines, avians, herps, insects, rodents, cetans....if you could name it, it was probably there. Onto this beach sauntered Rexx, in his red shirt, yellow shorts, and black sunglasses, carrying his surfboard with him.

    "Testing....testing...." A voice was heard in Rexx's head.

    Rexx tapped at one of his ears. "Yeah, Doral, I hear ya."

    Doral was sitting at one of the tables that stood on the boardwalk. He was fancy uniform or the like on him. He sat there, reading a newspaper, drinking a soda. Furs walked on by, paying no heed to the lizard, no one expecting that he was undercover, keeping tabs on one single solitary fur that walked among the millions.

    "Okay, you know what you got to do, ask around, and watch for anyone who looks suspicious. Silver's got a bird's eye view of the area, so we got your back."

    Silverclaw, that large black-scaled dragon of immense proportions, was perched up on a balcony, behind the glass doors, staring out onto the crowds with a pair of binoculars. He gave a soft prrrumble in reply, vibrating into the earpieces.

    Rexx winced a bit. "Okay, SilverClaw, I got ya." A light snicker was heard.

    Rexx began to walk up and down the beach, padding across the warm sand, taking a glance at all the furs on the beach. He stepped softly in the sand, leaving large pawprints under his steps, the cool breeze blowing them away. He walked about on the beach for a while, many of the furs not looking 'suspicious', at least not in the sense of the word. Then, suddenly...

    Rexx stopped in his tracks, as soft click was heard in his ear. Then another, strange, different, gruffer voice was heard. "Well Doral, fancy meeting you hear. Think you could hide out in the middle of broad daylight and try and find me?"

    Doral voiced returned. "Not me, of course, Delvin, I'm just trying to enjoy myself. I have better things to do with my time than hang out with assholes like you."

    Rexx started to get a little nervous. He rustled a paw through his headfur, listening carefully to all the noises made from the earpiece. There was a long pause. Then, a high squelching noise was heard, like someone was messing with it. The gruff voice was heard again. "Well, well, looks like you weren't enjoying yourself alone. Where's the other agent?"

    Rexx wanted to turn around, to see what was going on, but he couldn't. Such an action would risk all three of their lives, as well as everyone there on the beach.  He did, however, turn around, and quickly glance up at the boardwalk at Doral, then stare off somewhere else. What he saw, or managed to see, was a black-furred anther sitting quite casually next to Doral. No example or expression of maliciousness there.

    Doral's voice was heard again. "Agent? For you, I had the entire agency play hide and seek with you. There are about a millions agents here, mixed in with yours."

    A deep, crusty laughter. "Well, I guess you should call them off, huh? There are alot of innocent people as well, and it would certainly not look good if one of them were.....shot directly in the face?"

    Rexx looked up back at the balcony at SilverClaw, but he wasn't there. Did they get to him too? That meant he was the only one not caught. Some how he had to save them, and everyone else too. No telling how many henchmen where on the beach. He looked up at Doral again, a bit longer, and saw him...he was holding his fist up high into the air, making the 'Y' abort symbol. That kinda got him angry.



    One female fur walked by Rexx to leave....then realized she left his towel on the sand. She walked by Rexx again, slowing down as she padded by....he seemed a bit taller then before... She shrugged it off and picked up her towel, then walked by Rexx again....and screamed.

    Rexx had reached about ten feet now, contrasting sharply from his normal 6 foot frame, and still continued to grow. The space around him slimmed down and his muscles and  fur grew thicker and thicker, the deep rich brown on him becoming deeper and richer. His paws thickened and widen, setting up a massive foundation for the rest of the enlarging body, as it reached twenty. More screams and gasps were heard as the wolf continue grow even larger, over thirty...forty...fifty...He grew at an exceptional rate, his muscles expanding and spreading in complete unison to his head, which also widen and expanded. His eyes became giant disk of white, with black dots in the center; his tail, a giant massive dead pine tree, it's quills the same dark brown; his paws, giant toes sinking deeper into the sand as his weight increased in proportion to his height. When he stopped growing, not a single solitary fur moved; no one on the beach lounged; nobody on the boardwalk walked, nothing in the water swam. Every gaping eye in the area stood on Rexx, now standing there at the god-like height of one hundred and twenty feet.

    Rexx loomed his direction over toward Delvin and Doral, the stoic expression on Rexx's face completely horrifying. Doral knew not which 'mood' rexx was in. If he was in his bad mood, well, god have mercy on everyone's soul.

    Then Rexx lifted his arm up in front of him, making the same 'Y' abort symbol. The, without warning, he began to run toward the water. Desperately, furs dived out of his way, trying to avoid him stomping the utter life out each of his/her body. The loud thump of each step was softened by the sand, with large clouds of sand, enormous sandstorms created from his steps. He leaped some 300 feet or so in the air out to sea. He transformed his body into a ball in the air, hurling some 200 miles per hours at the sea in a cannonball dive.

    He hit the water.

    The Perfect Storm could not even compare to the amount destruction that dive made. Wave after waves, reaching literally into the sky, splashed tremendously all over in all directions with an exceedingly loud splash.  Water went everywhere, and all over the beachfront, furs began to run all over, in complete and utter panic, running into each other, desperate to find a way to escape!! A powerful wave went toward the beach with utter amazing force, and slammed onto the shore with an amazing force, washing away everyone unfortunate to still be left on the sand. Another wave crashed over that one, reading right toward the boardwalk!

    Delvin and Doral broke off into a sprint. Delvin, being the dirtball that he was, tripped Doral as they ran.

    "Oof!" Doral hit the ground, but sprang off it just as fast. He watched Delvin sprint away as he leaped to the side of a building and begin to clamber up its side. He reached the top, and stood on the roof. Looking about, he saw no where else he come go. He realized there was no way he could escape the devastating wave that lay before him, beckoning to his death.

    *Swoop* In an instant, Silverclaw came flying down, from heaven, and snatched up Doral at the moment the wave demolished into the building he had stood upon. Doral felt the rush of the wave swamp across his legs as he was lifted up into the sky. He looked down at the gallons of water that crushed buildings and homes; that splattered millions of furs against the ground; that ruined everything in its path. Delvin was no where to be seen. It could only be assumed that he was swept away underneath the turbulence of the aquatic disaster.

    And Rexx...he stood there, in the middle of the bay, dripping fur, grinning.



    "Gee Rexx, you really outdid yourself this time," said Doral.

    It had been three weeks since the massive tidal waves pummeled the shore side town. Yet, the occupants only began to recuperate from the devastation. The city was half rebuilt, and funeral services have been held everyday for the past fortnight and a half. The innocent was buried along with the guilty; the criminals killed as well as the righteous. Rexx stood atop a small cliff, which loomed over the destruction of the beachside. He had returned to his six foot size, and now stood along side Doral and SC, still maintaining that grim, ominous grin.

    SilverClaw gave Rexx an elbow. "You think that was justified?"

    Rexx laugh. "Well, it may not seem like it, but hey, I'm a macro at heart. All mindless destruction is justified."

    Doral nodded. "Cool, I know a city that could use a little more of this...."

    Rexx smiled. "Lead the way."