Quickie #1


            Doral pressed a few buttons on the Xerox machine. It gave a soft rumble as it began to warm itself up. Shi lifted the top up and watched the mechanics under the glass screen shift around before settling itself in position, reading to scan.

            Marcus walked in while sipping on his coffee, preparing to make a few copies of a recent invoice he received from Floppy just a few minutes ago. He stopped short and spit out his coffee right as he saw the gecko pulling herself right on top of the machine.

            "Doral! What the hell are you doing? Get off that!" Marcus sputtered out as he choked on the java that happened to have gone down the wrong tube.

            "Don't worry," Doral said calmly, shifting hir large haunches about on the scanning area. Shi lifted hir tail, then adjusted hir skirt so that hir bare behind pressed onto the surface. "The machine can support my weight."

            "That's not the point! Don't scan pictures of your ass! I would expect this behavior from a drunken teenage pubescent girl!" Marcus headed over to pull Doral off.

            "Markie!" Shi spoke cutely, giggling as hir foot stuck out to block his action. "If it's any consolation, I'm not doing this as a game. This is for work."

            Marcus grabbed Doral's leg and started to tug. "Don't give me that. You're probably Xeroxing your ass so you post it on the internet."

            "I've already done that," Doral replied, placing a paw on Marcus's shoulder. He sighed and let go of the leg, and took another long sip of his coffee. "I'm serious," shi continued. "I'm making copies of my butt for reasons other than the fact that the heated screen feels so good against my booty."

            "And what reasons are these?" Marcus placed his mug down on the nearby table. "If it's for Doral's Insurance, as co-owner I'd be more than eager to know why my equipment is being abused."

            "You'll see. Trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong?" The lizard asked, reaching over with a finger and pressing START on the control panel.

            The machine revved up and buzzed a bit before the hum began, signaling the laser's slow scan of the green scaled curves perched on top of it. Doral laughed softly as she felt the heat slide underneath hir slowly. Shi placed hir hands on each side of hir and held on tightly as shi pushed hirself nice and flat on the screen, making sure to get hirself a good, full scan.

            The machined buzzed again, then clicked, and then hummed out a nice color copy of Doral's ass. Marcus ran over and grabbed the fresh and heated piece of paper. The green and yellow contorted tush appeared perfectly against the white background, a tiny piece of pink material stretched tightly along the direct center, covering up the naughty parts.

            "Wow! First time, and it came out great!" Doral leaped off the Xerox machine and looked over Marcus's shoulder.

            "Well," Marcus sighed as he handed the lizard hir copied ass, "at least you wore underwear for this."

            "Of course!" Doral took the page and headed out the room. "I got me a sexy mouse boy before work. I certainly didn't want fluids leaking out and mess things up."

            "Of course not," Marcus muttered to himself as he watched Doral walk away. He reached for his coffee and took another sip, but spit it out immediately.

            "Dammit! It's cold!"