Chapter 3


Doral and Derek, Sitting in a Tree...


            Literally, five minutes before quitting time, Derek entered Marcus's office with a fresh stack of papers. "That's three more customers for you. Three customers in twenty minutes. That has to be a record somewhere." He placed them on the desk and grinned, his white, perfect fangs a sharp contrast to his ebony fur.

            Marcus stared at the newest applications warily. "You know where those are supposed to be filed, Derek."

            "Well, yeah, but I thought I'd slip by and show you what I did before we headed home. Three customers before dinner." Derek smoothed his white hair back along his head, and with a slick motion with his hand, he pointed at Doral, who was leaning against Marcus's desk. "Speaking of which, you can thank me over some."

            Marcus sighed and gave Doral a sideways glace. Shi was giggling softly, although he couldn't tell if the lizard was genuinely impressed by his selling abilities, swooned by his personal charms, or amused by his slick mannerisms. Whatever the case, he knew for sure that Derek always subtly pushed his own buttons. "Arrogant" wasn't even the word to describe the panther. Everything that Derek did exude a confidence not of this world—including talking with others. He wasn't above hotshot treatment, nor did he make any effort to hide this fact. He loved his glory. He loved the fact that people loved him and he loved the fact that people hated him.

            But DAMN did he make sales! Within a month, Doral's Insurance's stock rose so much that wary competitors began calling in and attempting to strike deals. Customers who came in, just out of mild curiosity, left with health benefits and home payment plans. Marcus already started hiring interns to help with the extra paperwork. Derek even convinced a fox to switch car insurance companies, and he only stopped in to make a phone call because he left his keys in his car. Marcus hated to admit it, but Derek was the reason they were making so much progress. He didn't even have to admit this though—Derek already knew.

            It was that same knowing look that faced Doral, who had stopped giggling to answer. "Or I could thank you now. Although I have to admit, getting three new customers before closing time is a good way to make a girl wet."

            Normally Marcus would have cringed at those words. But as he watched Derek try to think of a charismatic comeback (although his insidious grin still stayed), he had to praise Doral for hir eccentricities around the panther. They always left him searching for words and managed to put a small dent in his ego to keep him under control. Whether the gecko did it on purpose or was too insane to understand this effect on Derek, Marcus wasn't sure.

            Derek, after a moment, retorted. "Well, in that case, maybe I should lay my sales pitch on you. If that made you wet, hearing about our options might make you orgasm."

            "Okay!" Marcus stood up and grabbed his briefcase. "Time for me to go! Derek, don't forget to file those applications. Good job today you two, but I got to get out of here before you two get any further."

            "Alright, Marky! I'll lock up." Doral called after Marcus, who disappeared across the threshold of the agency's front door into the outside world. Leaving Doral and Derek alone in his office, the lizard turned back to the panther with a smirk. "Humans, go fig, eh?"

            "Tell me about it." Marcus folded his arms across his chest. "So, you're not going to go out with me? Surely a lizard as pretty as yourself can't resist my charms."

            Doral laughed some more. Shi sat on the desk so that hir feet were off the ground, crossing hir legs right over left, since shi was wearing a royal blue skirt that day. "Oh, no, Derek. You're right. I can't resist your charms. You're damn hot and I have every intention of fucking you tonight. I just couldn't say it with Marky still in the room." Shi grinned and uncrossed hir legs in a very Sharon Stone-esque manner, crossing them left over right after a very obvious show. "But you still have to buy me dinner and treat me as a regular date."

            Derek's tail flicked back and forth behind his legs. He studied Doral for a moment, even in the momentary distraction of her leg-crossing tease. "You mean I have to pretend I'm trying to get into your pants as a regular date, even though I'm going to get into your pants anyway."

            Doral nodded. "That's the gist of it, big boy." Shi smiled. "Call it a test. I want to see what you do with the other ladies to get them to dance for you. Show me how smooth you really are." Shi jumped off the desk and headed towards the office door. Derek held the door open for hir.

            "This is probably the first time I got a confirmation for sex before the actual date." He slipped his paws into his pockets, watching Doral lock up Marcus's office.

            "Oh, tonight there will be a lot of firsts, for you and me." Shi turned to the panther, slowly licking hir lips across hir muzzle. "Say... seven o'clock, at that new fancy Italian place?"

            Derek nodded. "Villa Michelangelo? You got some deep pockets. I was gonna take you to a McDonalds or something." He snickered, grabbing his jacket off his own desk in the main room before heading towards the front door.

            Doral shook hir head. "Normally a Happy Meal would suit me fine, but remember, you're still trying to get into my pants... which you will, but I wanna see the attempt! Treat me like your other girls all the way through. Trust me. It'll be fun!" Shi laughed and slipped out the front door, Marcus right behind.

            "Fine, fine." Marcus responded after Doral locked the entrance. "You'll be there, right? This isn't some elaborate joke to make me look stupid, is it?"

            Doral laughed and kissed the panther on his cheek. "Don't you worry dear." Shi turned and walked off, leaving Derek to watch hir hips sway back and forth with hir every step, hir scaled legs flexing smoothly under hir skirt, hir tail counter-swinging with hir body.

            Shi's totally doing that on purpose, Marcus thought.




            Derek sat up and held the chair for Doral to sit in, which shi appreciatively took. "Thank you, hon!" Shi placed hir purse down next to hir seat as Derek sat down across from hir.

            The light sounds of dishes clanking, the low din of chatter, and the gentle piano tune flew through the air as the panther and the gecko looked at their menus. Waiters quickly shifted by table to table under the soft glowing lights of the dining area. Even the endearing aroma of nearby entrées mixed nicely with the smell of candles—indeed Villa Michelangelo was a four-star establishment.

            "I've heard the fish was quite good." Derek commented, his eyes looking over at Doral. Hir hair was done up and combed back neatly. Shi wore a slender black dress with one strap along hir left shoulder, which then came down across hir chest and hugged hir curves down over hir legs.

            Doral laughed. "Mmm, I'm sure it is." Shi replied, winking in reference to his poor-tasting joke. Hir eyes gave Derek a once over: he worse a perfectly pressed suit with a matching tie. "But I think I might go for the pasta."

            Derek nodded. "Of course, dear." He placed his menu down and proceeded to place his napkin into his lap. "I have to admit, I'm a little lost on how to go about this. I mean, since I'm sleeping with you anyway, I hardly have the motivation to use my usual repertoire of questions."

            Doral placed hir menu down as well. "Well, just pretend I'm not going to have sex with you. I can act all conservative and prissy if it'll make it easier for you."

            Derek laughed. "Please don't. The prissy girls take about a week to get them in bed. And this from the smoothest talker on the planet."

            "Smooth talker? And you can't even pretend to be hitting on me?" Doral arched a brow.

            The panther started to respond, but the waiter came, a raccoon with soft brown fur. After ordering their food, Doral made a comment about how cute he was, rather loudly, and the 'coon blushed deeply as he went off.

            Derek took a deep breath. Then, in his atypical fashion, flashed the lizard his charming smile. "So, Doral, why did you enter the insurance business? I'm intrigued that a charming gecko as yourself would enter such an unappealing industry."

            Doral blinked for a second. There was an awkward silence, but Derek still managed to control his charm. "Did I ask you a difficult question, dear?"

            The lizard shook hir head. "No. I'm just... intrigued by your style, that's all." Shi shook it off. "I got into the business because I felt I needed a challenge. I wasn't doing much of anything, and I met Marcus at a conference one day. Somehow we clicked, and the next thing you know, we're working together."

            Derek scratched at his white hair a bit. He was slightly confused by Doral's first comment, but the panther kept up appearances. "Er, well, I see. You know, I've been in sales all my life. My father taught me how to... persuade people. It's almost like a genetic trait."

            "Genetics, huh?" Doral took a sip of hir water. "Did you get all your father's traits? Big ole' dick, maybe?"

            Derek looked around, but seemingly no one heard the comment. He cleared his throat; for the first time in his life, he felt awkward. Quickly he shook that feeling from his mind. "Oh, you'll find out later tonight."

            The gecko tapped hir chin. "Hey, do you do anal?"

            Derek's eyes went wide. Doral's sudden and explicit subject changes were completely new and completely unorthodox to the panther. No girl he ever dated was like this. He swiftly regained his composure. "Er, no. I don't take it up the shoot. I'm a giver, not a taker."

            Doral licked hir lips. Slowly. "I bet if I performed anal on you, you'd love it."

            Derek smirked. "I doubt it. No taking it up the butt. None whatsoever." He tone became serious.

            The lizard laughed but refrained from commenting. The food arrived and the two began eating in relative silence.

            Derek, on occasion, glanced up at Doral, who was eating and watching him at the same time. It was as if shi was silently goading him on. He couldn't believe he was on the down-side of this conversation. He swallowed his bite and resolved to regain the upper hand.

            "Enjoying your dinner, dear?" Derek reapplied the charm to his voice.

            Doral nodded. "It's lovely. Nice texture. Slightly overcooked, but I tend to prefer my food that way. The sauce is divine. Good food now means better sex later."

            Derek laughed. "Oh boy, I can't wait." He grinned. "Tell me about yourself, Doral. What makes you tick? I noticed that you seem very comfortable mentioning sex. That's a very unique trait."

            Shi brushed hir hair back softly, reaching out for a piece of bread. "I'm guess I'm a slut for sex."

            Derek started laughing, even harder than before. "Oh, god, that killed me. You're hilarious. You're a fun date. You're keeping me on my toes. I love a good challenge... even though, technically, I already won."

            Doral smiled. "I try to be entertaining. Sure, Marcus hates it. He always thinks I'm gonna pounce the next customer that walks in." Shi began spreading butter across hir roll.

            The panther sat back in his seat. "Heh. That's my job."

            Doral leaned over the table. "Oh, I certainly know that. And the entire staff knows that."

            Derek's teeth flashed brightly and he too leaned over the table. Feline and reptile muzzles almost pressed up against each other in their proximity. "As they should. Derek Powers is the greatest thing to happen to sales since that human Henry Ford."
            Doral grinned and whispered seductively. "Mmm, confident men turn me on."

            Derek licked his chops. "Then shall we call it an early night and head back to my place?"

            Doral's lips moved so close to Derek's that he could smell hir warm breath on his nose. "I would love too, dear. I just need you to do one thing for me."

            Derek let his charms do all the work now, his eyes twinkling and his voice in perfect staccato. "What's that, babe?"

            Doral took a bite of hir bread. "Beg for me."

            Derek's charms disappeared off his face. "I'm sorry?"
            The gecko leaned all the way back in hir chair now, chewing away at hir roll. "I want you to say 'Doral, please go to sleep with me'."

            Derek smirked and leaned back himself. "Sorry, dear, I don't beg for anything."

            "Do it or I'll masturbate right here and now." Doral spoke calmly as if nothing was the matter.

            Derek, on the other hand, played the lizard's bluff. "Like you'd really do that here."

            "You really shouldn't dare me like that."

            "What's to dare? Just cause you have an outgoing personality doesn't mean you're crazy. Besides, Powers doesn't beg."

            Doral smiled. Shi pushed hir chair back a bit, and grabbed the bottom of hir skirt, rolling it up slightly. Hir napkin and the tablecloth kept most of hir lap covered, but, from Derek's angle, the lizard's thighs were clearly exposed underneath.

            Derek arched a brow. "Um... Doral..."

            The lizard wasn't paying any attention. Derek watched as shi bit hir lower lip, releasing low moans and murmurs of pleasure. "Oooo....mmm..." Hir noises were relatively low, but shi was indeed touching hirself.

            The panther stared, glanced around, and, upon noticing no one was watching, peeked under the table. His eyes shot open—indeed, the lizard was rubbing at the front of hir panties, hir fingers sliding against the small indentation of hir female sex, underneath those heavy and hidden balls of hirs.


            Derek shot up, but too quickly, and he banged his head against the bottom of the table. He swore silently to himself, but as he re-emerged, he felt the gradual increase of stares around him. People were staring to look.

            Doral took no heed. Shi was getting louder and more into it. "Yeah.... Mmm... so wet..." Hir eyes were closed shut and hir tongue was slightly out hir mouth. Hir free paw was rubbing lewdly against hir chest, hir fat tits being squeezed through the material of hir dress.

            Derek felt himself getting turned on; so did the rest of the restaurant. Chatter began to die down as men AND women turned and looked. Waiters stopped to stare; the bartenders lifted their heads to catch a peek; even chefs were poking their heads out of the kitchen to witness the lizard masturbate.

            Derek, as excited as he was, couldn't have so many people staring. "Doral... please... can't you save it for tonight?" His words were swallowed up in the loud groans of pleasure. Doral was really working hirself, and it seemed that the lizard knew exactly how to pull off the exhibition. Indeed, shi was so enticing that not even the manager came over to remove hir—he was watching the scene from the over by the bar.

            "I bet you have such a big dick, Derek..." Shi began rocking and pushing against hir fingers, tail swaying behind hir. Hir smells were starting to leak into the air, covering the already strong scent of food.

            "Doral! Stop!" Derek spoke through gritted teeth. He was embarrassed, yes, but he also didn't want the lizard to cum at the table.

            "You... gotta beg for it hon... oh, shit, this feels so good..." Both paws disappeared underneath the table now, the lizard apparently feeling hirself up with both hands.

            Derek swore. "Doral! Please stop! Please save it for me for tonight!" He sighed. "I'm begging! Please! Is that what you wanted to hear!?"

            Doral's eyes popped open and suddenly just stopped and grinned. "Hee, now, being humble isn't so bad, is it?" Shi didn't even care that everyone in the room was staring at hir.

            Derek squinted his eyes. "You mean to tell me you starting jerking off so you could teach me a lesson in humility?"

            Doral giggled, rolling hir skirt bottom back down. "Derek, I want my workplace free from friction. Your attitude was sure to cause some. If I have to masturbate in public to keep you from ticking my employees off, I will. And I just did. Let's see if we can keep some of that going into Monday."

            Derek rolled his eyes. "Can we please just go? Before someone calls the cops or something?"

            Doral laughed. "Lead the way, hon. Make sure none of these onlookers are following you."

            Derek jumped up and left swiftly, the lizard following right behind him, various eyes on them all the while.



            It was a strangely silent drive, and on the way to Derek's house, Doral kept glancing over at the panther, who drove with a firm and rigid jaw.

            "Where's that charming smile of yours, hon?" Doral asked, hir torso turned so shi could look at Derek sweetly.

            "Eh, not really up for it." The panther spoke tersely, his eyes never straying from the road in front of him.

            Doral smiled and reached over, letting hir fingers graze through Derek's white hair. Hir claws slowly trickled down and began to lightly scritch over his black-furred neck, rubbing teasingly against that area for a few seconds. When that didn't elicit any response, Doral spoke. "You seem tense. Surely masturbating in public didn't faze you that much."

            Derek sighed and made a left. "Here we are." He put the car in park.

            Doral looked out the window. "Um, this is my place. I mean, if you wanna fuck here that's fine, but I thought—"

            "Doral, I think that we should just try this again some other night. I'm not in the mood." Derek's eyes still never left the windshield.

            Doral smiled and folded hir arms over hir chest. "Hon, I'm sorry about the exhibitionist display. If it's any consolation, I tipped the restaurant off that I might be doing something crazy like that anyway. We weren't banned. You'll be able to come back next time."

            Derek's paws clenched harder at the steering wheel. He spoke through gritted teeth. "You mean you planned that entire thing out?"

            Doral nodded, still smiling, even though it was obvious that Derek was only getting angrier. "Well, sort of, I mean, it wasn't ALL planned..."

            "Doral... just, please... leave and forget this whole thing." Derek spoke almost in whispers.

            The lizard blinked. "So you're gonna tell me what's wrong?"

            Derek rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Like you'd understand."

            Doral smiled once again. "Your ability to control a date has been undermined by me. Usually you use your smooth voice, charming smile, and charismatic personality to get women to swoon all over you; you're as predatory in appeal as you are in nature. Lure them to your side, then strike. Suddenly, your whole world breaks apart when your prey manages to control things for a change; it isn't just embarrassment you feel; you feel struck down, hurt—your very nature has been completely used against you."

            Derek blinked. Even he couldn't put his feelings so descriptively. He slowly turned his head to Doral, who still sat there with hir arms folded and a smile on hir face.

            "Your eyes tell me that this game was part of your excitement. No wonder you seemed out of your element. Me offering sex to you right off the bat... no challenge, no need for slick moves, witty banter, or sly remarks. Sure, you tried to regain the upper hand, but you couldn't, and your arousal just went right down the drain. Which sucks for me, because I wanted you as aroused as you could be."

            Derek was silent for a while. His eyes strayed downward. "I'm not good at pretending."

            Doral reached out and let hir fingers graze along Derek's neck again. This time the panther reacted with a light shiver. "The way you feel now is how you make people at work feel. I'm truly sorry for making this so hurtful for you, dear, but be honest: if I simply asked you to tone it down at work, would you have?"

            Derek chuckled. "I suppose I wouldn't have, no." He glanced up again, and looked into Doral's eyes. They were soft and loving, despite the panther's mood. He couldn't stay upset with such a cute face staring at him. "I don't mean to be like this, but I guess I've been so used to things going my way. I hate being the victim. So I guess I overdo it to make sure it never happens to me." He chuckled. "Textbook definition of a bully, I guess."

            Doral laughed and leaned over and kissed Derek right on the tip of his muzzle. "I don't want you change. Keep that attitude up with the customers. Just relax a bit with the other employees before a fight breaks out."

            Derek leaned back in his seat after the kiss. "Is it that obvious that I got in a lot of fights?"

            Doral nodded. "To me, anyway. But tough boys turn me on. And if you let me, I bet I can get you aroused again."

            Derek grinned. "I'll hold ya to that, babe." He put the car back into drive and sped off.



            "Hee! You are a pimp." The lizard swished hir tail as shi looked around Derek's room. Indeed, the small tenth floor flat was small and cozy, complete with a large bed and a small kitchenette in the corner.

            Derek walked in behind hir and closed the door. "Well, I like to keep myself and my... guests comfortable." He removed his jacket and tossed it aside. Reaching over, he hit a switch, and the lights dimmed.

            Doral laughed. "And this is how you get the ladies to spread their legs? My, my, my." Shi shimmied over to the bed and sat down, then proceeded to reach behind hir and unzip the top portion of hir dress.

            Derek laughed. "Wow, I didn't know you were so flexible." He walked over to his stereo, and, after fiddling with some knobs, a light romantic melody filled the room. "Are you sure you don't need any help with that?"

            Doral laughed and shook hir head. "Flexibility and I are good friends. And, if you don't mind, you can turn that music off. It's distracting."

            A moment later the melody disappeared. The lizard then felt a pair of paws against hir shoulders, which began to slide the dress off hir. "I'm surprised that a sexy babe like yourself gets distracted by music."

            Doral smiled, wriggling a bit as the dress slide of hir back. The white bra around hir chest bounced into the air as the dress flopped around hir hips, and shi wriggled hir behind off the mattress to remove hir clothing from under hir butt. "Oh, no, it doesn't distract me from the sex. I just like to hear things get very, very vocal."

            Shi turned around and saw the panther without his shirt on. Firm solid pectoral muscles bulged through his warm, smooth black fur. Derek leaned over and let his raspy tongue graze across the back of Doral's neck, causing hir to coo softly, hir toes curling against the ground. His paws massaged lightly along hir smooth shoulders, digging firmly into the toned scales. "Do you now? Well, allow me to turn up the volume."

            Doral chirped and turned hir head towards Derek's, and pressed hir lips against his own. Lizard muzzle and panther muzzle joined together, tongues slipping out and working against each other between interlocked lips. Shi mmmed loudly and wriggled a larger portion into Derek's mouth, letting hir oral appendage graze across the surface of his sharp fangs and his tender pallet.

            Derek closed his eyes and sucked firmly on Doral's tongue. It was soft and tender and very experience—the deep kiss between them lengthened and increased in power. He must have been insane to deny this lizard the chance to sleep with him. Good thing shi was as horny as he was.

            The kiss lingered for a while, the soft smacking sounds of which echoed through the air. Doral fully faced Derek now, hir clad tits pressed up against the feline's chest. Shi felt his paws slip behind hir back now and work expertly at the clasps on hir bra, and in one second hir DD tits bounced out into the open.

            The lips parted slowly, a string of saliva strung between them, which Doral lapped up with hir long, sticky tongue. "Mmm, you're better at that then I am. The bra I mean." Hir own paws slipped down and began to lewdly rub against the bulge in Derek's pants.

            Derek moaned and thrusted upward into Doral's paws. Hir hands were gentle and firm, and he was more then eager to get those pants off. "Experience. Now, how about we move on..."

            Doral lightly brushed Derek's paw away from his zipper. "Allow me..." Doral winked and lowered hir head down, hir muzzle kissing at that erection trying to break free. Shi took a whiff, the musky scent of aroused feline smothering hir nostrils. The lizard brushed hir hair back, and carefully bit hir teeth against the zipper, and pulled downward, the soft ripping noise giving way to the erection hidden underneath.

            The lizard gasped and licked hir lips. About ten inches of thick, solid black cock met hir gaze. It throbbed heavily in the air through the small hole of the panther's boxers, almost beckoning the gecko to have hir way with it. "Oh my... you have a black dick. I love black dicks."

            Derek laughed, his tail flicking behind him. He sat up, and hooked his fingers into the sides of his boxers, and pulled them down along his hips, letting his entire cock spring free, balls and all. Indeed a heavy set of black furred testicles sat beneath the heavy sheath Derek's cock was standing out of. "Mmm, then, my dear, you've found yourself a feast."

            Doral took in a moment to take in the sight and the smells. Thick, wonderful, and ever-so-arousing, the lizard wasted no time in letting hir tongue slurp gently across those heavy spheres, lathering and coating the surface with hir oral appendage, letting hir drool smother those balls, making them nice and wet.

            Derek moaned, spreading his legs to let the lizard work. Shivers of pleasure worked through his body, and a paw slipped against the back of Doral's head, gently goading hir. His cock throbbed more with each lick, a small drop of pre forming at the flared head of his dick. "Mmm, god, you ARE good..."

            Doral smiled and winked up at the panther. "Mmm, thank you. Now, be sure to be extra vocal like I asked. Hold nothing back." Shi spoke all the while licking at that massive cock feverishly, hir long tongue sliding up and down that ebony spire, drenching it in more spit and lubes. Shi lapped at the mushroom tip, tasting the pre that was formed there, letting the tangy flavor tease hir taste buds.

            "Oh gods... you're giving me no choice... I want to jam my dick into your face so bad..." Derek's own claws clenched against the mattress as that tongue licked at his cock like a lollipop. He moaned and squirmed even more as the lizard began to attack his erection like a porno star—hardcore, solid, messy, drippy lips, extra wet so the surface of hir tongue didn't burn with the friction. His hands clenched hard through Doral's red mane as shi licked that dick like a hungry person.

            Doral was indeed hungry for that cock. Shi spent a good three minutes licking at that black erection like a thing gone wild, on occasion slurping those balls as well, before, with another special wink, going fully down on the panther. Every flared inch of Derek's cock slipped slowly into Doral's mouth, the massive pole throbbing immensely inside hir muzzle. The gecko enjoyed every minute, letting out an mmmm loudly as that heavy cock hollowed out hir cheeks.

            Derek's mouth dropped as he felt that warm hot interior of Doral's muzzle, those lips locked tightly around his cock. His hips thrust upward gently, globs of pre squirting out into the back of hir throat. He could feel that tongue wiggling and working against his veined prick, those teeth grazing against his sensitive skin, and the huge amount of saliva the lizard happily deposited around the entirety of Derek's shaft. As a result, Doral's sucking was sloppy and loud, especially when shi started bobbing hir head up and down.

            The panther was in absolute heaven. "Oh shit! Fuck... Doral... oh gods... so good... oooo... shiiiit...." His cock pulsated heavily as shi took him to the hilt, right to the point hir lips met the edge of his sheath, then brought back to the head, then back down again. Over and over the lizard suck that fat panther cock, letting it pump pre into hir throat which shi happily swallowed, savoring the heavy flavor and amazing feeling of that solid ebony prick inside hir lips. Tongue dragging across the underside, along the urethra of that ten-inch cock, warm and eager to release into hir mouth. Shi only sped up hir bobbing motions now, dragging hir teeth and tongue up and down that prick, feeling it get extra thick in hir mouth. As an extra incentive, the gecko reached out and grasped Derek's balls, massaging them gently as shi sucked away.

            Derek could normally hold himself back, but the lizard was way too good. "Oh, gods, babe... I'm gonna cum so fucking hard in those hot lips of yours..." Both paws found their way to the back of Doral's head, and he began thrusting in counter-sync to Doral's bobbing motions, indeed fucking Doral's muzzle like he was fucking the average fur. His hips slammed lightly against the gecko's lips as he face fucked hir over and over, his dick thickening up hugely inside hir mouth.

            Doral could taste that increasing thickness, and shi let hir tongue ease its way into the cumslit of Derek's prick, licking into that small hole as deeply as shi could, lapping up that pre before ever leaving the cock itself. Shi gobbled at that dick hungrily now, much hungrier than before, thick spit everywhere, bobbing up and down a mile a minute, sucking that cock hard and fast, tongue working on over time, lips clamping down tightly along that length as shi prepared for hir meal.

            "Oh shit!!"

            Derek thrust up hard into the back of Doral's throat and let out a powerful roar into the room. His cock flared hugely before firing thick, hot jets of spicy panther cum into Doral's mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through Derek's body as he let his jizz go, flooding Doral's muzzle with his seed. The lizard hirself hungrily swallowed up that seed, sucking it up like a straw, loving the feel of that slimy ooze trickling down hir throat. A good two minutes of hir swallowing and him cumming, the lizard savoring that gooey release, feeling it splatter against the back of hir mouth before sliding down hir throat.

            Derek shuttered as the lizard kept sucking, right up until he completely emptied his balls into hir mouth. Shi mrrrred and slowly slipped off the tip of that shaft, kissing the tip of it before grinning up at Derek with a satisfied look. "Mmm, your cum is delicious. We should market it."

            Derek roared and pounced forward, his arousal coursing though his veins, his predatory side taking over. Even though he came, he wanted to fuck that lizard, make hir pussy sore and fill hir with even more of his seed. Doral squeaked in surprise at first, but hardly fought as shi felt hirself flipped onto hir front, hir tail lifted and that still hard cock pressed against hir extremely wet pussy.

            "Time to hear you scream, babe." Derek growled out as he jammed his fat cock into the lizard's folds, spreading them lewdly, pulsating heavily as thick vaginal juices drooled all against that dick inside hir. Doral, pressed hir head against the pillows and moaned into the feathered cushions, gritting hir teeth as shi felt furred hips press fully against hir upturned rump. Shi flicked hir tail about Derek's waist, coiling it to ensure the panther stayed nice and hilted.

            "Ooo... baby... you're such a big boy..." Doral grinned and turned hir head back, facing Derek and watching the lustful face contorting his muzzle.

            Derek's claws clenched against that reptilian booty and began to thrust, sliding his solid pole of flesh out of that tight cunny before shoving it back inside. "Ooo, fuck... you're such a tight slut, aren't you?"

            Doral grunted fully, hir body rocking forward with the force of Derek's hips—but shi wasn't about to be passive. Shi gripped the sheets hard and pushed back, making hir ass and his groin thwack loudly over and over again.

            "Oooo... gods.... Doral..." Derek was in ecstasy. His shaft was enveloped in what felt like soft creamy velvet, warm juices and tender soft muscles clenching against every inch of his prick, his balls slapping wetly against the outer walls. He leaned over some, claws now squeezing at Doral's tits as he began really reaming that gecko sex, his orgasm approaching faster than he'd expected.

            And Doral felt it coming. "Mmm... someone's about to explode again." Shi spoke between hir pants and groans of pleasure, doing hir part to make Derek cream up inside hir. Shi bent one arm against the sheets, bracing hirself on it as shi reached back and began to fondle Derek's black nuts, working them carefully in hir fingers, savoring every moment that solid ebony dick pushed farther inside hir, the tip sliding up and down against hir most inner and most sensitive spots.

            Derek roared like a beast in passion as those careful fingers worked his balls, the final catalyst that pushed him over the edge. A new batch of fresh of kitty cum fired up inside Doral's pussy, mixing with the hot flow of clear female spunk already drooling out back onto the set of animalistic balls slapping against each other. Doral let out another high pitched squeal as that spunk flowed up inside hir body, making hir feel warm and gooey on the inside, hir cunny going through a passionate spasm, milking that cock inside hir for every drop of seed.

            Derek barred his teeth tightly as he let his balls empty fully, the panther collapsing on top of Doral, panting tiredly. "Oh.... Shit... I never fucked like that in a long time... can you consciously control you pussy like that?"

            Doral laughed softly underneath the black feline's weight. Hir red hair mixed with Derek's sweat-filled white mane as both creatures relished in the afterglow. "Mmm... experience, hon."

            Derek let himself linger inside the lizard for a few more moments before sliding out of hir, laying himself out on the bed. "Mmm... that was hot, babe... fucking the boss is always a turn on."

            "I know hon, but you forgot something." Doral sat up like a mole from the ground, seemingly renewed with energy and fervor. Shi climbed on top of Derek's body, knees on either side of him, and wiggled hir crotch.

            The lizard's cock stood hard and thick in front of Derek's muzzle.

            Derek grimaced. "You didn't cum from that?"

            Doral chuckled. "Oh, I did. Well, my female side did. My male side, as you can tell, hasn't released yet."

            Derek raised an eyebrow. "Wait... I thought herms were... 'orgasmically' connected or something. You know... like, if the pussy cums, then the dicks cum."

            "Normally yes, but the talented ones can hold themselves back." Doral smiled. "Besides, I figured we try 'zee anal'."

            Derek shook his head. "No way." He placed a paw against Doral's smooth stomach and pushed hir off. "I don't do anything with cocks. Herms are on their own in that department."

            "Aww, come on." Doral grabbed hir cock and stroked it in front of Derek's eyes. "It's so big and thick and veiny..."

            Derek jumped out of the bed. "No! I'm not. You should've came both ways like other herms. Besides, I'm tired. I already came twice!"

            Doral sat on the side of the bed and rubbed a paw against Derek's face gently, stroking his muzzle. "Now, now dear, I'll be doing the cumming. All you have to do is lay back and relax. Or lean forward and relax. I'll let you choose the position."

            "I don't think so. You better jerk off or something." Derek reached for his pants.

            A lizard paw gently grabbed his wrist. "Now, wait one second hon." Doral spoke in a soft voice as shi tugged against Derek's arm. "I guarantee you'll enjoy it. I'm so confident, that if you don't like it for any reason, I'll give you one month paid vacation. And I give you my word that I'll tell no one about it."

            Derek looked down into the lizard's soft black eyes, hidden underneath the sweaty locks of crimson curls. That smile on hir face was priceless and, yet, so sincere at the same time. "I'm not forcing you dear, just asking you to trust me." Those words echoed about his head for a while, somehow destroying his fear and his reluctance all at once.

            The panther slipped back on the bed. " know..." He started, but trailed off a moment as the lizard began stroking hir cock again. "... I told myself I'd never do this. I have no idea why I should trust you."

            "Because you can't refuse a face like this." Doral gave Derek a small kiss on his lips, before helping him onto his hands and knees. "Now, all I ask you is to relax, to be strong and take the initial pain, and to be perfectly honest. Can you do that for me?"

            Derek took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Yeah...." He couldn't believe he was staring straight down into the sheets below him. And what's worse: someone was actually going to top him. He dug his claws in the sheets as he felt the gecko herm slide over him, hir smooth tits pressed up against his back. He felt his tail pushed out the way as his upturned rear pressed up against the strange feeling of a slick and giant organ leaking against his backside. He could feel the lizard erection drooling along his upturned cheeks, making him twice as nervous as before.

            "Relax hon..." The words whispered into his ear like dust in a breeze, and Derek began to calm down a little. This couldn't be that bad, he thought. Many people get fucked up the ass, right? They enjoy it, right? Besides, one night of discomfort was worth an entire month of paid free time... right?

            Then the pressure began.

            Instincts hit fast, and the panther tensed up, unconsciously clenching his butt cheeks against the invader. It felt like a missile was trying to push its way into the most sensitive and unwilling area on his body. The pressure increased, and so did his resistance, despite the fact he was told to stay calm. He felt so submissive, so embarrassed, so vulnerable, and he was about to say stop, until his ass finally yielded and that gecko cock pushed its head inside.

            "FUCK!" Derek screamed, his claws scratching forcefully at the sheets below him. The penetration stopped for a moment, and Doral nuzzled into the snow-white mane of the panther below him. "Shhh.... I'll go slow hon, just take a deep breath."

            "Easy for you to say..." Derek muttered, not liking this at all. His ass was hurting, but his pride was hurting more, and every minute, that cock pushed itself in deeper, and deeper, and deeper, spreading him out more, and more, and more. But for some reason, he never said to stop. Despite the lack of comfort and the amount of pain, there was something about this that kept him from protesting. Maybe it was the prospect of his gamble... or...

            After a good five to ten minutes of slow penetration, every inch of Doral's erection was fully shoved into Derek's anal passage. Derek moaned into the sheets, feeling that hunk of throbbing meat pulsating inside his bowels, the majority of his pain slowly dwindling away into what he could only describe as a dull pleasure.

            "Mmm... you're nice and tight hon..." Doral sighed in bliss as shi slowly grinded hir hips along Derek's rump, hir cock twitching and leaking all along the insides of those spread bowels, every vein and inch felt by the feline underneath hir. Hir paws slipped down underneath his hips and felt for the panther's solid black erection—which was nice and hard and indeed, leaking more pre against the sheets. "Mmm, someone's enjoying this more than he's letting on."

            Derek said nothing and only grunted as he felt that massive cock sliding out of his backside, only to be pushed back inside just as slowly. At least shi's going slow, thought Derek, but he didn't want to let the gecko know that he was starting to enjoy it. He let out a soft yowl as his cock was caressed by the lizard's reach around, his prick indeed pulsating underneath his spread thighs. He gritted his teeth as the cock kept pumping in and out of his ass, slowly building up speed and power—and then, one particular thrust made him crack.

            "Fuck! Yes!" It slipped right out his mouth as that thick cock slammed right up against his prostate, pushing a tremendous amount of pleasure through his body, more pleasure than he even thought was possible.

            Doral grinned and slammed up against that hidden pleasure spot over and over again, both of his paws squeezing around that ebon cock which leaked more and more panther pre along the sheets. "Mmm, tell me you love it hon..."

            Derek's tongue was lolled out his mouth, and he felt his hips slowly starting to rock in sink with Doral's thrust, working instinctively to push that dick in harder and faster. He didn't want to say anything, but his growing arousal, along with his own penchant to talk dirty, was starting to cloud his judgment. "Ahhh... y...yea..."

            "What do you want?" Doral smiled and began to slow hir thrusts down, hir cock easing itself back and forth along the inside of his body with teasing motions, which began to drive Derek crazy. He couldn't believe that he want Doral to go back to pounding his ass.

            "Please..." He tired to push back against Doral's hips to stimulate himself, but Doral's weight and position prevented him from taking any advantage.

            "Please what?" Doral's fingers nimbly stroked up and down along that thick pole of a feline cock while still moving at an achingly slow pace. Shi moved like molasses as hir fuckstick pulled out that velvet ass before pushing back in again, that cocktip exploding another shot of pre against that sensitive gland, thick gecko fluids starting to leak down along his balls.

            "H...harder!" Derek finally yelled, unable to hold himself back. "Fuck me harder! Faster! Gods... please!" He didn't even care any more about his pride—so much pleasure was rocking through his body, and he craved for more. He wanted that lizard to stroke him harder and slam him faster. He craved for that cock to slam into his ass over and over, he pleaded to be pounded into the sheets like some sort of man-slut.

            And he got just that. "Mmm! YES!" Doral screamed into the air as shi took full advantage of the plea, giving the panther a carnal and feral fucking indeed, hir dick and hips moving in a pink and green blur as shi just continue to fuck the panther lustfully. And in every passing moment, the panther moaned as that cock pounded away inside him, feeling it spew more cream into his stretched tailhole, clenching his eyes shut as he felt his own orgasm hit suddenly, his cock exploding within Doral's grasp, another gooey eruption of panther seed rocking against the mattress as his climax worked through his body, involuntarily causing his ass to clamp down around Doral's cock like a vice. Doral squeezed that spewing panther prick tightly as hir own orgasm hit, hir buried cock pushing extra deep before flooding that behind with all that pent up gecko cum, spewing all over the inside of Derek's body, so much seed that the hot ooze began leaking out and dripping between a set of furred and scaled legs. Doral kept thrusting hard and fast to make sure both orgasms lasted as long as possible before both creatures found themselves emptied and immensely satisfied.

            Derek collapsed against the bed and Doral flopped right on top, sighing blissfully and kissing Derek right on his lips. "Mmmm, now, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy that."

            Derek groaned underneath that weight and let out a small moan. "Fuck... yeah... you got me, you crazy lizard."

            Doral laughed and gave a few more thrusts before wiggling hirself out of Derek's behind, shaking hir hips as cum squirted out that sphincter hole. "I told you you'd enjoy it. Now, don't be going around to random folks for anal—they all won't go as slow as I did. You have to be experienced for that."

            "And you are?" Derek pushed himself up along the bed. His ass was filled with seed and slightly sore, but he felt wonderful—if immensely tired from the day's sexual proclivities.

            "Mmmmhmmm!" Doral answered with a smile, than suddenly lowered hir head down and shoved Derek's cock back into hir muzzle. "Mmmfflle!"

            Derek's eyes went wide. He came three times already, and this lizard wanted more? "Doral! God!"

            Doral slipped off Derek's dick with a soft pop and looked up into the panther's eyes. "What?" Shi asked innocently.

            Derek shook his head. "Enough! I can't go any more." He thought he'd never see the day when his own partner would last longer than him. Then again, he never saw the day where he'd be on the receiving end of anal sex.

            Doral stared up at Derek for a moment, and then started laughing softly. "Oh! Hon! Why didn't you just say so?"

            Derek let out a soft sigh as he lean back against the pillows, his eyes slowly drifting to a close, the last image crossing his vision was a lizard's face licking right up between his eyes.



            The sunlight was so bright that it finally forced Derek to open his eyes. His back was sore and his body ached, but surprisingly he wasn't as hurt as he thought he'd be. Slowly sitting up, his nose was immediately hit by the strong smell of, oddly enough, bacon. Turning his head, he noticed that, indeed, on the end table near the bed was a plate of bacon and eggs.

            Derek brushed a paw through his white hair confusedly. For a moment, he thought he lost his mind or somehow got moved to another house. As his vision regained full focus, he found himself still at his own pad. He looked back down at the breakfast next to him. Then it dawned on him.

            And it was at that exact moment when Doral walked in, holding a pot of coffee. "Derek! Dear, you slept like a log." Shi grinned with swish of hir hips before settling down next to the panther, eyes a sparkle. "Mmm, thanks for the fun night, stud. I thought I'd repay the favor. Breakfast, on me, by me!"

            Derek blinked. "Um... thanks. I mean, I never really had someone cook for me."

            Doral kissed him on the cheek. "Now you have." Shi proceeded to pour a cup of java for the panther into a mug on the same end table. "Eat up hon, you're due at work in two hours. I'll see you then!" The lizard sprang up, perfectly mobile, and started to head out.

            "Er, but I drove you here." Derek replied.

            "Don't worry about that. It's not far. I'll walk."

            "Wait!" Derek called out, his body filled with fatigue. "I... er... we shouldn't..."

            "Oh, don't worry hon, you're anal secrets are safe with me. I don't kiss and tell. Good luck on your next feminine conquest." Doral winked and slipped out the room.

            Derek was wide awake now. No need for coffee after that hyperactive display. He reached out, grabbed a piece of bacon, and bit into it.