Name: Doral

Sex: H

Race/Species: Lizard (for all intents and purposes)

Height: 6 feet

Job: CEO, co-owner

Features: red hair, purple eyelids, stripes on hir back and tail, sticky paws, long tongue and tail, big posterior

Turn-ons: witty and active personalities, challenges, people who play 'hard-to-get', friends, dancing

Turn-offs: annoying people, people who try to exploit hir or obsess over hir, arrogance

Description: Flirty, sassy, sarcastic, sexy, silly—this lizard seems a poor candidate for starting an insurance agency. But you better watch out; hir semi-ditzy demeanor is cover-up for hir quick wit and profound intelligence. Shi manages hir business with spot-on precision and amazing leadership, knowing more than most people will give hir credit for. Shi'll use hir sex appeal to get what shi wants and at the same time never lets hir beauty get to hir head. Shi has a knack for attracting people of all types and rarely gets angry or upset. Think about it: how many people would take being called a 'slut' as a compliment?


Doral's actions often bothers, annoys, or scares those around hir, but for those who are able to put up with hir often get a good and loyal friend... and sexual partner.



Name: Marcus Tanner

Sex: M

Race/Species: African American Human

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Job: VP, co-owner

Features: average build, clean shaven, short hair

Likes: success, things getting done on time, responsible people, his daughter

Dislikes: failure, people in the way or distracting, racism (duh!)

Description: This graduate from Brown spent his entire lifetime trying to defy the masses and make it big. His last foray into business unfortunately ended in disaster, an incident that haunted him so much that, in an act of desperation, he agreed to co-own Doral's Insurance Agency, leaving him practically at the mercy of this crazed lizard. Fortunately, he's grounded in reality, and will push and push and push until he breaks through. Determined, if to the point of stubborn, he can be very sociable when happy, yet distant when upset. Which may explain, partly, his divorce and the back and forth custody of his eight year old daughter, Simone.


Always on his toes and his nerves around Doral, Marcus is in a perpetual battle to prove himself to everyone. He is a man who thinks relaxation is filling out tax forms.



Name: Derek Powers

Sex: M

Race/Species: Black Panther

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Job: Head of Sales

Features: muscular, athletic, perfect form, white slick hair, smooth black fur, blue eyes

Likes: women, girls, chicks, dames, broads, ladies (oh, and making the sale)

Dislikes: people 'coning' him, being out the loop

Description: Derek talks as smooth as his name rolls off the tongue, and that's being generous. This quick-on-his-toes feline has an uncanny ability to appeal to all sorts of people, often convincing them to do the exact opposite of their original inclinations—which often includes sleeping with him. Indeed, every sales department needs about ten of these guys, but he's so good that he can take the job of all of them. His skills with the ladies have always been above phenomenal, except with Doral, who always manages to stay ahead of him for once.


His attitude is pleasant and highly charismatic, but deep down he harbors an angry, upset side that only comes out when he's double-crossed or happens to be the victim of a scheme worthy of his speaking talents. His arrogance can go overboard, and Doral seems to be the only one who can control it.



Name: Samantha Richardson

Sex: F

Race/Species: Bat

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Job: Lawyer

Features: her clothing makes it hard to tell, but it -seems- she has some nice curves to her; white fur, yellow eyes

Likes: law, displaying her intelligence, winning cases

Dislikes: flirty and sarcastic people, losing cases

Description: Solid, stoic, and stern—Samantha is a bat with an attitude meter set on "serious." She works hard at everything she does and hardly ever goes out or has fun. Her idea of a "good time" is hitting the books. It's nothing short of a miracle that Samantha is working for Doral, since Doral happens to be the type of person (among others) that she utterly abhors. Regardless, her abilities as a lawyer are rarely surpassed. She even had a brief stunt as an assistant District Attorney.


Fun isn't in her vocabulary, although she often says that the job itself is fulfilling and enjoyable in itself. And even though she'd never admit it, she has tremendous respect for Doral.



Name: Marissa "Floppy" Curry

Sex: F

Race/Species: Rabbit

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Job: Accountant

Features: yellow fur, brown hair, green eyes behind small-rimmed glasses, large feet, piercings in her ears

Likes: talking, having a good time, doing math, cheering people up

Dislikes: silence, boring meetings

Description: Floppy is the high school preppy girl trying to adjust to the real world. Nicknamed from the shape of her ears while she's deep in thought and work, Floppy, in casual conversation, is the life of the party. Nothing seems to upset her, even when people exploit her... lack of common sense. She's what one would call "ditzy," but she's very smart and has a deadly skill with numbers. She's also very adorable, and many people often try to hit on her... only to walk away when she opens her mouth.


Floppy is easy going, easily amused and loves to talk- a lot. She loves to engage in girl talk, and even Doral hirself has a hard time keeping up with her.



Name: Larry Speigelman

Sex: M

Race/Species: Wolf

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Job: Programmer/ Computer Maintenance

Features: grey fur, black hair, thick glasses in front of brown eyes , skinny, cute—in a nerdy type of way

Likes: working on computers, nerd-speak, keeping to himself

Dislikes: showing emotion of affection, being teased, physical labor

Description: Larry seems lost in a world of Transformers, D&D, and message boards. He is the go-to guy for anything new or innovative in the digital world, but when it comes to sports, style, or sexuality, he is completely clueless. He's quiet most of the time, but if you manage to get him talking about his favorite geek-related topics, he can go on for quite a while. For the most part though, he just really sits around the office and work on various codes for the website and maintains the company's network.


Always keeping to himself, Larry gets extremely nervous when Doral acts like hirself around the wolf. But he's reliable and studious in his work, and ensures the entire system is secure.