So who is Doral?

Doral's Face and Boobs

Doral Insurance was established cerca-1999 to combat the growing needs of residences and businesses to establish strong, finacial security with the rise of macro/rampaging activity.

It has been tough for corporations to maintain their integrity with the constant attacks and destruction of their properties from aroused, giant beasts. It has been difficult for many property owners to maintain a reliable service when face with a giant paw, and massive, cumming cock, or a giant behind poised from aboive. While normal insurance companies all but bailed out at the most destructive of companies, Doral Insurance has stepped in and provided a saftey net for even the most threatened taxpayers.

"At Doral Insurance, we ensure that you and your employees are provided with the utmost, secure and beneficial policies to meet your needs. I personally work with the assortment of even the most feared and horniest of beasts to ensure your property is safe and secure. And if things get out of hand, which, with me, they always do, we will certainly provide adequate compensation, no questions asked. Also, I like sex." -- Doral, co-owner and CEO

"I have no comment." -- Marcus, co-president and VP

To contact a representive today, or to simply see if Doral is available for a personal, one-on-one assessment of your business, residence, do not hesitate to send an email to dorallizard (at) gmail (dot) com.